A new disease in children in Britain and Italy has been linked to corona

A new disease in children in Britain and Italy has been linked to corona

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

Medical experts in Britain and Italy have expressed suspicion that several children who died in the days of the Coronavirus epidemic have died of a mysterious disease they have never seen before.

Medical experts in both countries suspect that the dead children may have been suffering from a syndrome caused by the coronavirus and a disease similar to Kawasaki.

According to Reuters, Matt Hancock, Britain's health minister, said some children in Britain had died after apparently suffering from a disease such as a syndrome, and experts suspected that the disease may have been caused by the coronavirus. The reason must have started.

Medical experts in Italy, a European country infected with the coronavirus, are investigating similar cases, like in Britain, where some children died of a mysterious disease.

Experts in both countries suspect that young children with symptoms such as fever, inflammation, and drowsiness may be infected with the coronavirus, but surprisingly, few corona tests have been performed on children who Negative.

According to experts from both countries, so far very few children have been admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit, who apparently had symptoms similar to the syndrome or Kawasaki disease, and did not suffer from corona, including these diseases.

Experts suspect that children with such a mysterious disease may have been infected with the coronavirus or that they may have been affected by the spread of the epidemic around them, but it is too early to say. ۔

Speaking about children suffering from a mysterious disease, the British Minister of Health said that experts are doing more research on this new disease and it is being seen whether the disease is related to Corona.

He said that since fewer children with the disease have been brought in, nothing can be said for sure, but experts are keeping an eye on it.

Some experts believe that the children may have contracted Kawasaki, a disease that has spread to children in Asian countries because the children who were brought to the hospital had symptoms similar to Kawasaki's high fever, body aches, and inflammation.

kawasaki fever

Some experts have called the disease a rare form of the disease in children, but experts are reluctant to say anything in this regard.

It is not clear how many children have died from the disease in Britain and Italy, but officials say the number of children affected by the disease is very low but added that it is dangerous not to be diagnosed with the disease. ۔

Marie Refer to, president of the Royal College of Nursing in London, said she had heard of a similar mysterious illness in children, but said it was too early to say for sure.

"Although the number of children suffering from the mysterious disease is very low, it is a dangerous situation and we need to work seriously on this issue," he said.


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