Zoya Nasir Ended Her Engagement to German Youtuber Who Converted to Islam

Zoya Nasir Ended Her Engagement to German Youtuber Who Converted to Islam

Posted on May 24, 2021

Actress, model, and YouTuber Zoya Nasir ended her engagement to her longtime friend and German YouTuber who entered the fold of Islam in just two and a half months. Zoya Nasir got engaged to her longtime friend YouTuber Christine Batesman, also known as Chris Batesman, on the occasion of International Love Day this year. The two confirmed their engagement on February 19 in a social media and YouTube video.

A few days before the engagement, Zoya Nasir's German friend had confirmed her conversion to Islam, after which it was rumored that she had converted to Islam out of love for Zoya. After the engagement, the two announced that they would get married at the right time and the two used to share their videos and photos together on social media.

Surprisingly, three days ago, Zoya Nasir shared a video with her fiance on YouTube, but on the afternoon of May 22, she confirmed in a social media post that she had ended the engagement. Explaining the reason for ending the engagement, Zoya Nasir claimed that her fiance Christine Batesman, also known as Chris Batesman, suddenly changed her attitude towards her and her religion, which led her to make a difficult decision.

Zoya Nasir told fans that she and Chris Batesman are no longer in a relationship and will not get married. The actress claimed that her fiance's attitude towards her religion, beliefs, country, and culture suddenly changed, forcing her to part ways. The actress and model wrote that there are some reasons, social and religious boundaries, which should not be crossed in any way. And one should live with respect, tolerance, and sincerity.

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In her post, the actress prayed to God to give her courage and strength so that she can handle herself in difficult times. Announcing the end of the engagement, Zoya Nasir appealed to the fans not to talk too much about her and her family, taking care of her personal privacy and grief. After the announcement made by the actress, many showbiz personalities expressed good wishes for her future and prayed for her, and hoped that her difficult time would also pass.

Some fans also expressed regret over the termination of engagement by Zoya Nasir, however, some people also made negative comments. Most people called Zoya Nasir brave and wrote for her that she would find a better person. Although Zoya Nasir has confirmed her engagement to German YouTuber, a German YouTuber has not yet released a post in this regard.


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