Zoya Nasir angry at critic 'Amaa ji' for using inappropriate words in comments

Zoya Nasir angry at critic 'Amaa ji' for using inappropriate words in comments

Posted on Mar 21, 2022

Model and actress Zoya Nasir have expressed anger over the use of inappropriate words in the comments by drama critic Lubna Faryal alias 'Amaa Ji' and advised her to use polite language. Lubna Faryal aka 'Amma ji' had used inappropriate words while commenting on Zoya Nasir's recently aired drama 'Badzaat'. Commenting on the role of Saba Faisal in the play, Lubna Faryal, while analyzing the role of Zoya Nasir, also used the word 'Heera Mandi'. In the play, Saba Faisal is a dancer and her daughter Zoya Nasir wants to be a model, on which Lubna Faryal used the words prostitute and Heera Mandi.

Zoya Nasir expressed regret over her use of inappropriate words for the characters and criticized Lubna Faryal in her various Instagram stories and hoped that next time 'Amma Ji' would use good words when commenting. Zoya Nasir wrote for Lubna Faryal that she chose inappropriate words while commenting and ridiculed the characters.

The actress wrote to the critic that she respects him a lot but Lubna Faryal's comments broke her heart. He told Lubna Faryal that actors work hard and entertain people by giving life to the characters but people like you use inappropriate language only for these roles.

Zoya Nasir also wrote in her stories that Lubna Faryal also broke the heart of the actress' parents, because they used inappropriate language for the actors and characters. The actress reminded 'Amaa ji' that just as the son of a politician becomes a politician, the son of a doctor becomes a doctor and the son of a lawyer becomes a lawyer, so the son of an actor becomes an actor and that he is Ignorant children have also seen it while educated children of uneducated parents have also seen it.

Zoya Nasir, while mentioning Lubna Faryal, wrote that she hopes that she will take his words positively and try to understand him instead of disagreeing with him personally. At the same time, she explained about her role in the play 'Badzaat' that her role is very good as she chooses a modeling career of her own free will. Remember that in 'Badzaat' Saba Faisal has played the role of a dancer who marries a rich man but gets divorced from him in her youth and her son Imran Ashraf stays with the rich father. 

In the drama, Saba Faisal is followed by her second daughter Zoya Nasir who wants to model when she grows up. The story of 'Badzaat' is written by Misbah Noshin while it is directed by Sirajul Haq while it is produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. In the play, while Urwa Hocane and Imran Ashraf are portrayed as a couple, the differences between them are also shown. The cast of 'Badzaat' includes Imran Ashraf, Urwa Hocane, Saba Faisal, Muhammad Aslam, Ali Abbas, Nada Mumtaz, Zainab Qayyum, Sedrah Niazi, Zoya Nasir, and Sajida Syed among others.

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