Ziara Waseem's response to Babita Phogat's comparison

Ziara Waseem's response to Babita Phogat's comparison

Indian wrestler and politician Babita Phogat recently made controversial tweets about people belonging to the Tablighi group on the social networking site Twitter, following which she was subjected to severe criticism.

In her controversial tweet, Babita wrote that Muslims in India have a bigger problem than Corona.

Following this tweet, a trend called Suspend Babita Phogat was used, which users used to criticize Babita.

People have also requested the Twitter administration to suspend their accounts.

In addition, some of his supporters also made the hashtag of I Support Babita Phogat.

Later in 2019, Babita, who was part of the Indian extremist organization Bharatiya Jatna, said in a video that she started receiving threats after controversial tweets.

Comparing her to former Bollywood actress Zaira Waseem, Babita said that despite threats, she was not afraid of anyone.

"I made a few tweets about the Tablighi Jamaat, after which I started receiving threats. Let me tell everyone that I am not a loser, I am not afraid of such people," she said.

Later Zaira Wasim also shared a tweet on his Twitter account in which he urged people not to praise her. Zaira did not name Babita Phogat in his post but said of herself that she was not. That people follow them right.

In his tweet, Zaira Wasim wrote, "What I am praising is nothing short of a test for me, because in my view it is dangerous for my faith, I am not right that people follow me, people stop praising me." And pray to God that my faith be better. '

Zaira Wasim played the role of Babita Phogat in her Bollywood film 'Dangal', whose acting was also widely praised.

It may be recalled that Zaira Waseem, an actress from the occupied Kashmir, surprised everyone by announcing her release in July last year.

Zaira Wasim announced that she was quitting acting for the sake of religion, saying that acting was affecting her faith and she was beginning to realize that she did not become one of them.

Zaira Wasim had gained fame from Aamir Khan's film 'Dangal' after which her film 'Secret Superstar' appeared.

Zaira Wasim was last seen working in the movie 'Sky is pink' and according to the actress, it was the last film of her career.


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