Zhalay Sarhadi Will Soon Be Seen in a Foreign Film

Zhalay Sarhadi Will Soon Be Seen in a Foreign Film

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

At present, although most of the activities of the Pakistani showbiz industry are closed due to the coronavirus epidemic, some personalities are still engaged in their showbiz activities with precautionary measures in these days of the epidemic. Among such personalities are model, actress and singer Zhalay Sarhadi, who plans to keep herself busy even in the days of the epidemic. There are reports that Zhalay Sarhadi will soon start shooting a foreign film, including a domestic film, and at the same time, they are busy preparing to release their first song.

Speaking to Dawn Images, Zhalay Sarhadi admitted that she will soon be seen in action in a foreign film for the first time. Although Zhalay Sarhadi did not elaborate on her upcoming foreign film, she revealed that she will be part of an international film, not an Indian film. According to the actress, the direction of the foreign film will be given by a well-known filmmaker, however, she did not reveal the name of the director nor did she give any further details regarding the film.

Zhalay Sarhadi said that it will be a commercial film and shooting of the film is likely to start later this month. The actress also said that she will be seen working on three different projects in the coming days, one of which is a local film, which will be shot in the northern areas. According to Zhalay Sarhadi, her roles in the two films are very different and good. In one film, her role is related to the army, while in the other film, she is seen leaving the court services and moving on to a new life.

Referring to her third project, the actress said that she is also working to emerge as a singer and she hopes to release her first single soon. It is too early to say when the song of Zhalay Sarhadi will be released and when both the films of the actress will be released, however, it is likely that the films of the actress will be released next year.


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