Zara Noor Abbas: Sajal Ali & Some Close Friends, Played an Important Role in Getting Married to Asad Siddiqui

Zara Noor Abbas: Sajal Ali & Some Close Friends, Played an Important Role in Getting Married to Asad Siddiqui

Posted on Aug 27, 2020

Famous actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Zara Noor Abbas has revealed that Sajal Ali and some close friends including her aunt Bashara have played an important role in getting married to Asad Siddiqui.

Zara Noor recently appeared on Effat Omar's web show and talked about her private life and her marriage to Asad Siddiqui. In her interview, Zara Noor Abbas revealed that her aunt Bushra Ansari played an important role in her and Asad Siddiqui's marriage, but Sajal Ali, Asim Azhar and Yasir Hussain were also in the forefront in arranging the relationship.

Talking about marriage, Zara Noor said that before Assad, she had good relations with doctors, engineers, etc., but they were banned for one reason or another. Zara said that then Sajal said I will introduce you to a friend of mine and Bushra's aunt called and said that she also called me for Asad Siddiqui but I did not respond to her aunt either.

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She said that 7 years ago, during the shooting of 'Take Ki Aayegi Barat', whenever she used to go to the set with Bushra Bashir, she used to talk to Zara and Asad, but after the shooting, the series stopped there and we Enjoyed their own lives. The actress said that when we met again after 7 years, the relationship was settled in four or five weeks and the marriage was finalized.

She said that all the women of the family had gone on a trip to Malaysia where they received a call from Assad stating that they were coming to Lahore with their family two days later. And then Asad's sister Amy and my father took the basket to our house and aunt Bushra said on a video phone call that this is my son Asad, I am asking for a relationship, give me a relationship.

"Some close friends had a big hand in our marriage. If they hadn't intervened, we wouldn't have gotten married yet," Zara said.

Zara said that Bushra Khala, Sajal Ali, Yasir Hussain and Asim Azhar cooked khichri together and talked all night on phone calls that we both need to be reunited. The actress said that Sajal and Bashir Bashir had settled the whole affair without telling them.

"Assad and I consider ourselves lucky to have such good friends and are always thankful to God for bringing such beautiful friends into our lives," he said.


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