Young Carmaker Reacts to Nada Yasir's Mockery of 'formula One'

Young Carmaker Reacts to Nada Yasir's Mockery of 'formula One'

Posted on Sep 10, 2021

A key member of the team of young car makers issued an explanatory statement after TV host Nida Yasir was mocked on an old video of ignorance about 'Formula One car'.

A few days ago, an old video went viral on social media, in which Nida Yasir could not understand the difference between 'Formula Racing Car' and the English word 'Formula'. After the old video of the host went viral, the name of 'Nada Yasir' was also included in the trend top list on Twitter and people criticized him a lot.

Mohammad Sharq Waqar, one of the youngsters who has now joined the program, has released a video in favor of the host after people criticized and ridiculed Nida Yasir. Releasing the video, Mohammad Sharq Waqar said that he is one of the young people who are talking to Nida Yasir in the show 5 years ago. He said in a short video that of course Nida Yasir should have studied before the show who she was calling and what topic she was talking about, but now criticizes her caste for her 'ignorance'. Is not a valid action.

According to Mohammad Sharq Waqar, he saw reports of some Indian channels criticizing Nida Yasir for his mistake, in which the issue was presented in a very negative manner. He clarified that he and his team do not support the joke and demanded that the caste or family of Nida Yasir should not be criticized.

According to Mohammad Sharq Waqar, Nida Yasir had a 'chemical error', meaning that she did not understand the facts and estimates of the discussion on the scientific issue correctly and criticized her family or her caste for her mistake. It is not right to target.

In the video, he also thanked the makers of the memes for once again viralizing Pakistan's first Formula One race car maker. He suggested in the video that people follow the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts created for their experiences to get accurate information, and also appealed to people to stop criticizing Nida Yasir. Go, because it is also discrediting the country and the nation.

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According to Mohammad Sharq Waqar, he also has a profile on LinkedIn, but he did not release the video on his personal account or on the official pages of his project. It may be recalled that a few days ago, Nada Yasir's 2016 video went viral, which suggests that the host understands the English word 'formula' as 'formula car' and asks the students if they have just used 'formula'. 'Have you developed or have any experience on it?

As can be seen in the video, the students explain to the host that in fact 'Formula Car' is the same name and they have made it, on which only one person can sit. After the video went viral, Nida Yasir admitted her ignorance and at the same time complained that she did thousands of good shows but they never went viral.

After Nida Yasir's video went viral, her husband actor Yasir Nawaz also made a parody on it.


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