You Can't Stop Me From Exercising My Democratic Rights by Using Vulgar Language, Mahesh Hayat

You Can't Stop Me From Exercising My Democratic Rights by Using Vulgar Language, Mahesh Hayat

In response to a question from the government concerning the increased prevalence of sexual abuse and discrimination against women in Pakistan, leading Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has responded. It is impossible to halt it.

In reaction to self-criticism and foul language, Mehwish Hayat tweeted, "I did not say anything against the government." "We live in a democratic country, and every person, including myself, has the right to seek a response from those in power," actress Mahesh Hayat wrote on Twitter.

"You can't stop me from expressing my democratic right by using obscene language or calling me immoral names; it's all a reflection of your filthy mentality," he continued.

Mehwish Hayat had previously criticised the federal government in tweets without identifying the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), prompting social media backlash, and now the actress has attacked him. In a tweet, he responded to the criticism.

Mehwish Hayat had previously stated, "The era of hashtags and slogans has passed. We want to hear what steps the government will take to alter the system." He continued, "Sexual and gender-based violence, as well as other types of prejudice in society, cannot be abolished without societal change."

"It is time for women to express their statement," Mehwish Hayat continued, "we will not be targeted in silence, we will not accept anyone's explanation about our life but our own." According to MehwishHayat, the country has laws against gender-based violence, and their enforcement needs to be tightened in a way that makes them less traumatic for victims.

"If a cricketer can become the Prime Minister of the country, why couldn't an actress?" Mehwish Hayat had stated in an earlier interview. The comment of Mehwish Hayat has also generated a new round of social media debate.


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