Yasra Rizvi Blessed with Baby Boy

Yasra Rizvi Blessed with Baby Boy

Yasra Rizvi, who has starred in unique themed dramas such as the 'Churails' web series and 'Dunk,' has given birth to a son. Yasra Rizvi posted the images to Instagram and informed her followers about the birth of her son. 

"Being human is your only introduction and helping your colleagues is your only target," Yasra Rizvi wrote in the post, "the rest is just detail, I pray you to live a decent life."

Yasra Rizvi also mentioned in her post that her son was born at 9:50 a.m. on May 22, 2021. Yasra Rizvi revealed her pregnancy to her fans via Instagram images in April. On Instagram, she posted some photographs of herself reading the script for her upcoming production with B. Gul.

After that, Yasra Rizvi's fans, colleagues, and fellow actors began congratulating her. Yasra Rizvi shocked everyone when she married drama producer Abdul Hadi, who is ten years younger than her, in December 2016. Yasra Rizvi is still being chastised on social media for marrying a boy who is younger than her, claiming that she had married a brother.

Yasra Rizvi was 34 years old when she married her husband, who was 24 years old at the time. Later that month, in an interview, the actress revealed that she had to go through a lot to marry a boy a decade her junior.


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