Yasir Hussain's Reply to "Parveen Baji" Who Praises English Language

Yasir Hussain's Reply to "Parveen Baji" Who Praises English Language

Posted on Jan 26, 2021

Actor Yasir Hussain gave a scathing reply to a woman who praised him and instructed him to learn English and instructed him to be proud of his language.

In a social media post, a woman named Parveen advised people to learn English to communicate with other regions and people of the world, and learning English is not rocket science.

"English is part of our education and we have to learn it instead of ignoring it because if we have to talk to people in the region other than Pakistan and India, we have to learn English," said Parveen.

The woman said that Urdu is our own language, however, there should be no problem in learning English, and learning it is not rocket science.

However, actor Yasir Hussain did not like the woman's suggestion and wrote to her, "Parveen Baji, learn to love your language."

Although the woman did not say whether she would love her language or not, Yasir Hussain asked her if she knew anything about China, Russia, Spain, and other European countries. At the same time, the actor wrote that yes people do not speak English. Addressing the woman, Yasir Hussain wrote, "Parveen Baji, love your language." At the same time, the actor wrote in the post that we should not go too far but only the Pathan brothers will teach us, how do we adapt our language and what is its importance?

It may be recalled that the woman had earlier last week ridiculed the restaurant manager for not being able to speak English by the female owners of the Canoli Bay Cafe Civil restaurant in the capital Islamabad. A campaign against women was also launched on social media.

A campaign was also launched against the female owners and their restaurant for reprimanding the male manager for not speaking English, after which the restaurant not only displayed its logo in Urdu but also apologized for the behavior of the female owners. ۔


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