The news finally came out, Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are finally engaged.


But how?

The news took place at the famous award ceremony, ‘The Lux Style awards’ This was a breakthrough through all social media, news, and hearts. YasirYasir has put an official end to all the drama and questions and proposed Iqra from the stage of Lux Style Awards, according to him he presents her the third award despite her other two awards wins, Iqra was confused and puzzled.

The event was true, unexpected for the viewers and Iqra herself, Yasir swept her by the feet by confessing his love for her in front of all the audience, performers and camera and proposed her kneeling down, for her lifetime companionship and love.

Iqra on the other hand, with surprise and delight, immediately said Yes and hugged Yasir for she was herself waiting to make the move.

And with this we have more committed celebrities off our list.


Why was the news a shock?

The news was indeed a shock for the enthusiastic fans, as in an interview earlier by Wasim Badami, Yasir confirmed to all media and friends that Iqra is just any other friend to him. This left fans questioning and in doubt as the couple we’re always seen together ar many occasions and visibly had strong chemistry.

Later on when yesterday night, Yasir and Iqra went viral with their official engagement in evidence of many.

This indeed, put a pause to all their relationship controversy, but the hot topic now is their engagement news which has put all the fans in glee.

Many congrats!

On behalf of the team of Gossip.pk we congratulate the newly engaged couple and wish them a happy prosperous life ahead with showering love and mutual respect.

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