Woman Who Is the Victim of Exploitation Is Blamed, Mahira Khan

Woman Who Is the Victim of Exploitation Is Blamed, Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan, an actress, claims that in a country like Pakistan, women who are victims of 'rape' and'exploitation' are deemed guilty and asked improper questions.

Atiqa Chaudhry, a Pakistani-born British broadcaster and social media sensation, spoke with Atiqa Chaudhry about concerns such as blaming exploited women in Pakistani society, as well as social evils such as entertainment. In the interview, the actress also refuted the notion that she exclusively works with specific filmmakers, writers, and producers.

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If one looks at Mahira Khan's plays and films, one can see that he has collaborated with people who have varied perspectives and experiences to tell. In response to a query, the actress stated that only women who have been victims of "rape, sexual harassment, and exploitation" are judged guilty, imprisoned, and asked inappropriate questions in countries such as Pakistan.

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He claims that anytime a lady is involved in an unfortunate situation, instead of arresting the perpetrator, a series of incorrect questions are asked of the same woman. Mahira Khan claims that the victim is the only one who has been questioned, as well as why she went to the location alone. What was she doing there, and who was she with? Her boyfriend, of course.

All of the aforementioned questions, according to the actress, are incorrect, and the victim appears to be the perpetrator. According to Mahira Khan, modifications in the curriculum will be required to modify such mentalities. Television (television) and movies, according to the actress, might also help to change the culture of blaming and questioning women.

People began questioning him after he played a girl who was the victim of 'rape' in the 2017 film 'Otherwise,' he added. People informed Mahira Khan that after being the victim of 'rape,' there was no need to go back to the perpetrator to exact retribution and gather evidence. Many individuals have told him that the victims in Pakistan do not seek vengeance and, if they do, they do not take risks like the characters in the film "Otherwise."

Mahira Khan also stated that Pakistani culture is still not ready to embrace her characters in the film 'Varna,' in which she wears jeans and talks English while pursuing retribution. For the purpose of making a drama out of what happened to her. Mahira Khan portrays Sarah, a married woman whose husband is crippled, in the 2017 film 'Varna.' Following her kidnapping, Mahira Khan's character is 'raped' by a powerful man, after which her husband and other family members advise her to remain silent.

Mahira Khan's character in the film goes mute for a while due to family pressure, but she eventually rises with the help of her husband to exact retribution and bring the perpetrator to justice. In the film, Mahira Khan's character also loses a legal battle, but despite this, he is able to bring the rapist to the role of punishment.


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