Why was 'Mangani Mubarak Hania' Become Trend on Twitter?

Why was 'Mangani Mubarak Hania' Become Trend on Twitter?

Posted on Oct 1, 2020

Recently, the name of actress and model Hania Amir was circulating on social media just calling singer Asim Azhar a friend. But due to the recent trend of the hashtag #Mangani_Mubarak_Hania on Twitter, while fans think that the actress got engaged, Hania is also wondering why this trend is going on.

The social networking site Twitter where various trends are running day by day and the hashtag #English_Mubarak_Hania was also running yesterday and at one time this trend was also number one.

After seeing this trend on Twitter, some users thought that actress Hania Amir got engaged, some tried to find out why this trend is going on while others also made humorous comments.

One user wrote that this is the reaction of Asim Azhar after seeing this trend.

Some users tried to find out the reason for the trend.

Another user asked, "I don't understand this trend."

A user named Sanam Jamali wrote that I came to Twitter to find out what is happening in the world and now I am trying to find out what happened to Hania.

Some users called the trend a joke by the actress.

Another user, while sharing memes based on dialogues of Indian films, wrote that seeing the trend, Hania will react that she does not understand anything.

According to the Twitter user, actress Hania Amir herself will be surprised after seeing this trend.

Some users also shared memes regarding their expected reaction to Hania Amir's trend.

Some users even posted pictures of the recently concluded drama Dilbara and wrote that she was finally engaged to 'Auntie's Son'.

Some consumers are also asking if this trend was a joke.

After which, today actress Hania Amir released a video on Insta Story and talked about this trend.

"I have been receiving a lot of notifications on my Twitter account for the last two days," he said.

"Last night I told my friend that I was getting a lot of notifications on Twitter but I wouldn't check what's going on because this time I didn't do anything that people would talk about," she said.

Hania Amir said that this morning I checked my Twitter account to know what is happening. At the same time, he said that #Mangani_Mubarak_Hania has been trending since yesterday and at one time it was also a top trend, I am surprised.

Hania Amir laughed and said, "I am very happy to thank you for congratulating me on your engagement." He added, "You people do not miss any opportunity to surprise me."

In addition, a Twitter account by the name of Hania tweeted that 'I am Hania and my friends have started my engagement trend'. He further wrote that the misunderstanding of Hania Amir should be cleared.

Now, after the reaction of the actress, a retweet was made from an account called Hania that it was not yours but our Hania's engagement. In another tweet, it was said that something happened so that Hania used the hashtag of our friend's engagement.

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