Why Famous Actress Sara Khan Doesn't Want to Work in Movies?

Why Famous Actress Sara Khan Doesn't Want to Work in Movies?

Posted on Jun 30, 2020

Actress Sara Khan has managed to grab people's attention in recent years and her plays have become very popular. However, so far, she has not turned to the film world and for the first time, he explained the reason for an interview. Not long ago, in Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan, Sara Khan spoke about the principles she has adopted while working in the entertainment industry.

In response to a question from the host, she said that she has made some offers but she does not want to wear short dresses and film intimate scenes, which are the first demand for films. In fact, even in TV dramas, she prefers to stay away from any objectionable character, inappropriate attire, or others.

Remember that Sara Khan and actor Agha Ali liked each other for some time and they also intended to get married. But they broke up in 2019, after which Agha Ali said in his interview, “The break-up proved to be very difficult for me and I started to feel very lonely and isolated, but life goes on but It was very difficult to get back to life”.

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At that point in a meeting given to Urdu News in October 2019, the on-screen character talked transparently about the separation with Agha Ali just because while additionally uncovering that she will wed the decision of her folks and will before long amazement the fans. Sara Khan said that Agha Ali and she were not engaged, although they both liked each other.

"Agha Ali showed my heart by crossing all the boundaries of morality. We were both about to get married, but I ended the relationship with him," she said. According to Sarah, "I will soon marry a family man and build my own house, but all I can say is that Agha has lost me and harmed himself."

The actress also said that her parents helped her a lot during this period. In her interview, Sara Khan also spoke against item songs and said that she would never wear semi-nude clothes.

Recall that Sara Khan and Agha Ali cooperated in dramatizations like 'Insignificant Be Wafa', 'Tumhare Hain', and 'Band Khidkiyan' yet since the separation they have not shown up together in any dramatization. Essentially, in another meeting a year ago, Sara Khan had stated, "I didn't confront any battle toward the start of my vocation. When I turned out to be a piece of the business, I got my first venture."

"There were some difficulties in the beginning," she said. "I slapped my director because I was scared and alone in the make-up room. I came out and started screaming and slapped the director again." Everyone can see, I slapped twice she also stated the reason for the slapping. "He was pressuring me to take him to a movie, which I refused, but he insisted and grabbed my hand, so I slapped him."


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