Why did 'Me Too' Trend suddenly come to the top on Twitter in Pakistan?

Why did 'Me Too' Trend suddenly come to the top on Twitter in Pakistan?

Most social media users in Pakistan were shocked on the afternoon of September 8, when the trend of 'Me Too' suddenly came to the top on Twitter. The trend of 'Me Too' came to the fore in Pakistan at a time when many other political and social issues were on the rise in the country, including Defense Day.

However, many people were surprised to see the 'Me Too' trend at the top. Although many people made unnecessary and off-topic tweets due to their tweets appearing in the 'Me Too' trend, a clip of a year-old interview with actor Noman Ijaz was shared on the issue. The clip of Noman Ijaz's old interview was apparently initially shared from Tooba Syed's Twitter account, after which dozens of people started sharing the tweets.

Tooba Syed's tweet was also retweeted more than 700 times while the same video clip of the actor was also downloaded and shared by others. In the video, which lasted for more than two minutes, Noman Ijaz was seen talking about the misuse of any issue by women, including dating married women despite being married.

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The video clip of Noman Ijaz was taken from an interview he gave to actress Effat Omar between 12 and 16 August 2019. The said interview of Noman Ijaz was aired on YouTube by Effat Omar in two installments, the first episode of the interview was aired on August 12 and the second episode was aired on August 16.

Noman Ijaz's video clip was taken from the second episode of his interview. In the middle of the second episode, Noman Ijaz talks about his love for other women despite being married in response to a question.

In the 16th minute of the second episode, which is about 27 minutes long, host Efat Omar asks Noman Ijaz if he ever fell in love one day. On which Noman Ijaz after some thought says that he is loved every moment but every day and he is a man who loves immensely. In response to a question, Noman Ijaz further says that if there is a beautiful woman, whether from inside or outside or a difficult woman, she falls in love.

In response to Noman Ijaz, Effat Omar again asks if in such a case they fall in love again? To which Noman Ijaz replies, "Yes, they make love." At the end of the case, Noman Ijaz laughs and says that it should not be the case that his own weapon should not be used against him.

Later in the interview, the host asks about the Me Too campaign, to which Noman Ijaz goes on to say that if an 18-year-old girl comes to him for work, he thinks That they can be given a role in a project and they audition for it, but if they don't live up to their expectations during the audition, they think of something else.

The actor said that because the girl did not live up to expectations, I think she could be given a job in another project but then I realize that she does not meet the standards for another project and her If we give this girl the hope of working in the third project, then in the whole process that girl will become frustrated and she will start thinking wrong.

According to Noman Ijaz, due to this situation, the girl goes ahead and accuses him out of frustration and distress, and then 'Me Too' will start. Noman Ijaz said in the interview that he has distanced himself from the new generation of actresses because of such things and he stays away from such girls or actresses during his plans.

However, many people criticized Noman Ijaz for sharing his viral clip without listening to the entire interview and also criticized Effat Omar for criticizing Noman Ijaz for saying such things. Why not target?


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