Why Did Jannat Mirza Decide to Leave Pakistan?

Why Did Jannat Mirza Decide to Leave Pakistan?

Posted on Oct 15, 2020

Pakistan's number one TikTok star Jannat Mirza, who has 10 million followers, says that she intends to leave Pakistan and move to Japan soon.

Participating in the viral trend of 'Question and Answer' on social media, Jannat Mirza invited fans to ask questions in one of her Instagram posts. Joining this trend, Jannat Mirza's fans shared their favorite TikTok. Asked various questions to which he gave interesting answers.

One user asked jannat if it would remain a ban or if the ban would be lifted. In response to this user, Jannat Mirza said that this ban will be lifted soon. One user asked if you were shifting to Japan, to which TikToker replied in the affirmative. A user asked who is your crush on which Jannat Mirza is making a laughing emoji.

In response to a user's question, Jannat said that they are three sisters. One user asked when she was returning from Japan, to which Jannat Mirza said she would return in November. One user suggested that you marry Omar. She is just a perfect couple and the chemistry is very good for both of them.

To which Jannat laughed and said, "May Allah forgive me. It is better for me to commit suicide than to marry Omar." Jannat Mirza said that her favourite colour is light green.

One user asked why you want to shift to Japan, to which Jannat Mirza said that because Pakistan is very sweet and good but the mentality of the people of Pakistan is not good.

One user said that her film is very much awaited, to which Jannat Mirza said, "I am also very much waiting." One user asked who was closest to the house. TikToker asked the father. It should be noted that Jannat Mirza from Faisalabad, Pakistan has also earned the honor of being the number one TikTok model in the country. Jannat Mirza has the most followers on any social media platform in Pakistan with 10 million followers. Have become TikTok models.

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I’m never coming back.🖤

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"I never thought I would get here in a hurry. When you don't envy anyone, you'll be rewarded," said the TikTok star. Jannat Mirza had said in an interview that her film directed by renowned Pakistani director Syed Noor is in the final stages of completion in which Saima and other well-known artists have worked.

The TikTok star had said that he started making TikTok videos as a hobby but it became so popular that Syed Noor Sahib and Saima Ji approached him and offered to work in the film. He told about the work in the film that initially the parents did not give permission but Syed Noor Sahib himself contacted the father and requested that her film would be a family film and the shooting environment would be good after which the father's permission. She started working on the film from the time her mother was with him during the shooting.

It may be recalled that Jannat Mirza had recently debuted in a music video with Muhammad Ali Josh in the video of Bilal Saeed's song 'Shayer'.

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