Why Asim Azhar's Criticism and Advice on 'Tum Tum'?

Why Asim Azhar's Criticism and Advice on 'Tum Tum'?

The song 'Tum Tum' released on July 2 by renowned singer Asim Azhar caused a stir and at the same time, people started giving advice to actress Hania Amir who was performing in the song. The song 'Tum Tum' released by Asim Azhar shows a group of young boys and girls who love each other but at the same time, the girls are shown to be greedy.

In the video of the song, while the girls are portrayed as greedy, they are also portrayed in a bold manner. In 'Tum Tum', boys are portrayed as simple and oppressed people who love girls immensely, but due to their low wealth, girls seem to give them less lift. The song features actress Hania Amir, model Areeka Haq, singer Asim Azhar, singer Morey, Shimon Ismail, Talha Anjum, Rams, and Asad Siddiqui.

However, as soon as it was released, users on Twitter criticized the song, while Asim Azhar and Hania Amir became the top trends. After the song was released, Hania Amir was the most criticized and in the song, her dress was described as a very inappropriate and western dress. The trend of Hania Amir's name on Twitter remained in the top trend on July 3 and many people criticized the actress' dress and her performance in the song and also gave her advice.

Interestingly, while the song is being criticized, the song is also being watched fast on YouTube and the song was viewed more than 1.5 million times in 22 hours.


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