Why Ali Zafar is missing from cinema screens after 'Teefa in Trouble'?

Why Ali Zafar is missing from cinema screens after 'Teefa in Trouble'?

Posted on Dec 24, 2019

Why Ali Zafar is missing from cinema screens after 'Teefa in Trouble'? Ali Zafar, a renowned actor and singer of Pakistan, has been a part of many films in Bollywood but debuted with 'Teefa in Trouble' in the Pakistani cinema industry in 2018.

Maya Ali along with Ali Zafar played the lead role in the film.

It should be noted that Teefa was able to do fantastic business at the Pakistani box office after Ali Zafar also announced the sequel to the film.

However, Ali Zafar has not appeared to be working on the screen again since Teefa.

In this regard, Ali Zafar revealed in an interview to Independent Urdu that he does not believe in doing anything too soon.

Referring to his Bollywood career, Ali Zafar said, "Even when I was working in Bollywood, I used to do a film a year, because I focus on my music as well as acting".

Referring to the disappearance of the screen, Ali Zafar said he was currently shooting a sequel to 'Teefa in Trouble'.

He said, "Every time I present work to the public, its quality is what people expect of me."

Ali Zafar revealed that he was working on two more films along with Teefa in Trouble 2.

Referring to the casting of Maya Ali again in the film, Ali Zafar said that he would not reveal the name of the sequel's heroine, it is a surprise.

According to him, he is trying to bring in new talent through his production company 'Light Angle' as there is an abundance of talent in Pakistan.

Ali Zafar said, "I want to expose more and more young talent, especially women because in our society it is forbidden to be a part of the women's music industry."

Ali Zafar said he wants the society to honour the honour and love they have given him and to help new people.

On the question of supporting his brother in the industry, Ali Zafar said he believes that the struggle for success is essential, but he is always there to guide his brother.

It may be recalled that recently Daniel Zafar's song, 'Blue Butterfly', appeared on video which was heavily criticized on social media.

Commenting on the criticism of the song, Ali Zafar said, "That song is in English and I anticipated such a reaction, but it was liked internationally".

Commenting on the Pakistan-India controversy, the singer said that the real problem is Kashmir, once it is resolved, many paths will be paved and the film industry of the two countries will move forward.


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