Which number one did 'Halima Sultan' find in Pakistan?

Which number one did 'Halima Sultan' find in Pakistan?

Posted on Jul 31, 2020

Actors who acted in the drama Derelish Ertugrul are now popular all over Pakistan, especially the Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç, who plays the lead role of Engin Altan Dozitan and Halima Sultan. A few days ago, Esra Bilgiç tweeted in a message on a social networking site that "I found my number one in Pakistan", which shocked her fans.

People had speculated about this and now the actress has revealed the reason behind this sentence through Twitter and Instagram. This time, he wrote in the caption of his tweet and Instagram post, "I think now is the time to tell the world." In fact, it is part of an advertisement for Pakistani mobile company Jazz, for which Esra Bilgiç was hired and shared a photo of her on social media.

Jazz Digital also wrote on Instagram and Twitter with the photo, "It looks like we've found our numbers too." Earlier this month, the Turkish actress also announced that she would become the brand ambassador of smartphone company Qmobile.

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I think it’s time to tell the world. #DunyaKoBataaDo #JazzSuper4G ❤️

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On the occasion, the company said that it is the first Pakistani brand that has made the actress famous for her Ertugrul drama part of its new phone campaign. It should be noted that in an exclusive interview given to Dawn recently, the Turkish actress had revealed that she will soon start working with 3 well-known brands of Pakistan.

In an interview with Dawn Icon, Esra Bilgiç had said that she would be working with three well-known brands in Pakistan for the first time but declined to give further details. The appointment of the Turkish actress as ambassador by Qmobile was also criticized by some Pakistani actors. Yasir Hussain became the first showbiz person to criticize Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç a few days ago for being appointed ambassador by the Pakistani mobile queue.

Yasir Hussain also opposed the airing of Esra Bilgiç's drama Ertugrul Ghazi on Pakistan Television (PTV). Yasir Hussain had raised questions in his Instagram stories after Esra Bilgiç was appointed as Q-Mobile's ambassador that no Pakistani actress was qualified to be appointed as an ambassador. Yasir Hussain had asked the fans whether they think that the ambassador of the Pakistani brand should be a Pakistani actress. Neither Indian nor Turkish, he also raised the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad.

Yasir Hussain was agreed upon by a few other personalities including Ayman and Manal Khan, but later other showbiz personalities including Ayesha Umar, Agha Ali, Ejaz Aslam, and Bilal Ashraf later supported Esra Bilgiç to be made the ambassador of Pakistani mobile brand. 


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