When Imran Khan was offered a Bollywood film

When Imran Khan was offered a Bollywood film

When Imran Khan was offered a Bollywood film
A half-decade-old video of Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media is going viral in which he appears to be interviewing an Indian TV channel.

The above video is from 2006 and Imran Khan was a member of the Assembly at that time.

The head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) visited India 14 years ago in 2006 and during which he participated in a program on 'NTDV'.

In the aforementioned program, Imran Khan also spoke on the relations between the two countries, cricket and showbiz, including talking on politics and Pak-India relations.
During the program when the host asked him if he was ever offered to act in Bollywood? To which Imran Khan smiled first and then replied, "It is possible that people would not believe his words but he was offered by a leading actor to work in his film".

As can be seen in the video, Imran Khan gave this answer with a smile and he refrained from naming the actor but the host insisted on giving him the actor's name.

Imran Khan, at the insistence of the host, named Bollywood legend Dev Anand and said that he had offered to work in the film and he had come to England to offer him.
Imran Khan recalled the past, however, because he rejected Dev Anand's offer because he felt that he could not act.

Explaining his offer to work in a Bollywood film, Imran Khan said, "Because he was a cricketer and he knew nothing but sports and he thought he would not be able to act. They rejected the offer '

Imran Khan also revealed in the program that he was offered to work in the film by Indian filmmaker Ismail Merchant.

Imran Khan's old video went viral on social media after news of his being rejected in Bollywood offered to work in not only Pakistani but Indian and international media.


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