What is the most searched in Pakistan in 2019

What is the most searched in Pakistan in 2019

Posted on Dec 12, 2019

The year is nearing the end of 2019, and in this regard, the Internet search engine 'Google' has released a list of things, news, personalities, and queries to be searched throughout the year.

Not only has Google released a list of things, news, and celebrities to search the Internet globally, Google has also released a list of countries including Pakistan.

According to the list of the most searched personalities released in Pakistan, the wife of actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, Naimal Khawar was the most searched.

Similarly, the most searched movie in Pakistan was not a Pakistani but a Hollywood movie, 'Avengers Endgame'.

Unlike movies and personalities, the most searched items, issues or news in Pakistan are the one and only sports.

The interesting thing is that the people of Pakistan have been searching all year for the most sports and especially cricket.

10 - Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Test

The test match, which took place a decade later in the country, began on December 11 when Google released a list of the most searched items or news stories in Pakistan, though this test match was the most searched. Added to 10 things.

Sri Lanka team against Pakistan in the Test match after 10 years in Pakistan.

09 - Pakistan vs India

Pakistan's cricket match with traditional rival India is the most viewed anyway and the cricket match between the two countries becomes more important than the most important domestic issues, which is why this year between the two rivals. The match between the World Cricket Cups was searched more this year

08 - PTV Sports

More than Pakistan Television (PTV) News and Entertainment Channel this year, Pakistanis searched the official TV channel's sports channel because PTV had the rights to show all matches of Pakistan's national cricket team. Are.

07 - Pakistan vs New Zealand

This year, because of the World Cricket Cup, where most TVT sports were searched, Pakistan and India were the most searched matches in the same cup, as well as the match between Pakistan and New Zealand in the same cup. The match was even more searched.

06 - ICC Cricket World Cup

This year, in many countries of the world, where the news and news related to the Cricket World Cup is being searched, news and news related to the Cricket World Cup have been searched more in Pakistan.

05 - PSL 4 Schedule

This year, where the matches and news of the World Cricket Cup were searched more, the fourth season schedule of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was also searched in the country.

PSL matches and news in its place, but Pakistanis searched its schedule so much that it became the fifth most searched item.

04 - Sony Live

Pakistanis searched Indian sports channel Sony Live on the Internet while Pakistanis searched for most of PTV sports in the madness of watching the World Cup of cricket.

03 - Live cricket

Because of the World Cricket Cup where Sony and PTV Sports were searched the most, many people searched live cricket too.

02 - Pakistan vs Australia

This time, Pakistanis searched Australia more than traditional rival India during the World Cricket match.

01 - Pakistan vs South Africa

This time Pakistanis searched for more Pakistan and South Africa matches than the traditional rivals India and Australia's national team matches during the World Cup.


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