What is Mahira Khan going to do at 10 PM

What is Mahira Khan going to do at 10 PM

What is Mahira Khan going to do at 10 pm? KARACHI: Internationally renowned Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has crossed another milestone on Instagram as her number of followers has reached 53 million.

Mahira Khan is the only actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry with the highest number of followers on Instagram, followed by Ayman Khan, who has crossed the five million mark.

An admirer of the UN High Commission for Refugees, Mahira Khan's fans shared the photo of her Instagram account by congratulating the actress on the social networking site.

Another user suggested expert why not! On this happy occasion, we have a #AskMahira session? The actress replied to the user that I was waiting for this myself, do you guys decide that this session should be today, or keep it tomorrow? '

Shafqat durray, responding to the expert's tweet, wrote, "At ten o'clock tonight", the expert agreed and asked that it was ten o'clock in the night.

Social media users and fans cheered on the expert's consent to the session.



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