What did the girl with the biggest lips in the world do to herself?

What did the girl with the biggest lips in the world do to herself?

Who doesn't want to look beautiful and unique but sometimes a person goes beyond certain limits by fulfilling his desire which does not prove to be a good result.

This is what happened to 22-year-old Bulgarian Andrea Emilova Ivanova, who wanted her lips to become the largest in the world.
And in fulfillment of this desire, he also gave 20 injections of lip surgery.

According to the Daily Mail, Andrea still wants the biggest lips in the world.


Andrea, 22, is a real-life 'Barbie doll' who shared a photo of herself on social media after receiving a lip injection, which has been followed by more than 33,000 people on her Instagram account.

The report further states that Andrea started giving lip injections in 2018. The cost of one injection is 135 pounds, which is about 27,000 Pakistani rupees.

Andrea also admitted that she has spent a lot of money on the process so far, but she loves the change.

She said that she may have the biggest lips in the world, but she will continue to give these injections until she is satisfied that her lips are the biggest lips in the world.

"I like my lips very much now. I had a hard time eating after the injections," he added in an interview.

"I am starting to feel better. Some doctors believe that I should not have more injections. However, I want my lips to be bigger. My doctor is in favor of giving more injections. I have to wait for 2 months.


Last year, it was revealed that Andrea had 15 injections to enlarge her lips, to make her look more fashionable.

"People now admire her lips so much that many people even offered her marriage online," she said.

However, because of this process, he was also criticized on social media, according to Andrea, not everyone is a fan of his big lips.

Andrea also said that she always wanted to look unique, but she did not imitate any actress and give these injections.



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