we Love each other and also planning to get married

we Love each other and also planning to get married

Pakistan's renowned actress Faryal Mehmood and actor Danial Raheel revealed during a show that they like each other and are planning to get married.

The two actresses flashed together at Ahsan Khan's show 'Bol Nights'. On this occasion, she revealed many things about her relationship as well as her personal life, while also giving fans many tips on fitness.

The actors said during the show that they have loved each other for a long time and will definitely marry.


When Ahsan questioned how long they were planning to get married, Faryal Mehmood said, 'I do not know yet they will marry in a moment'.

It should be noted that Danial Raheel is the son of renowned actor Sammy Rachel and brother of Mehreen Raheel.

On the question of telling the family about her relationship, Danial Rachel said,

"Faryal has met my mother, but now she has become his friend. My breath lives in America, though I talk to her on Skype.

On one occasion, Ahsan Khan asked them both when and where was the first meeting?
On this, Danial Rachel said, 'The first meeting was on a plane trip, we were going to Turkey to shoot an advertisement. We stayed there for 7 days, there was not much work, so we spent a lot of time together and then started liking each other. '

On the other hand, Faryal Mehmood said that Danial also makes food for them, making breakfast, while praising Mehreen Raheel, the actress revealed that she makes very good food.


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