We have to understand that 'transgenders' are not eunuchs, Maria B

We have to understand that 'transgenders' are not eunuchs, Maria B

Posted on Sep 28, 2022

Fashion designer Maria B has emphasised that Pakistani politicians and individuals must understand the difference between 'transgender people and 'khwajasara' people.

She shared a video on Instagram with her sisters Najia and Aafia. The three sisters expressed their views on the said issue, lamenting that people are being labelled as 'transgender people and 'Khwajasara'. The difference is not known.

At the beginning of the video, Maria B said that as a parent, she is concerned about her children and wants people to understand the difference between 'transgender' and 'transgender' for their safety and a better future.

She clarified that people should understand that 'transgender people are not eunuchs.

According to Maria B., 'eunuchs' are naturally and congenitally born with certain complications, which we call heterosexual, and in English, they are called 'intersex'.

The fashion designer added that 'transgender people are not born as male or female, but as male or female and later undergo a gender reassignment after a few years. 

She gave the example of famous TV star Kim Kardashian's father, Caitlyn Jenner, who was the father of the actress, later changed her gender and became the mother of the actress; such people are called 'transgender', and they are Mixing with a 'transgender person is wrong, such an act will violate the rights of transsexuals.

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The sisters of the fashion designer also said that people should understand that 'transgender people are not actually 'transgender' and not clarifying the gender of such people may lead the new generation to follow in the wrong footsteps.

The three sisters said that 'Khwajasara' have rights in Islam and all rights in the Pakistani constitution, but 'transgender people cannot be included in this list, which was made a law in 2018. 

The three sisters pointed to the 'Transgenders Act, 2018', passed by both the Houses and recently approached the Supreme Court by Jamaat-e-Islami to amend the said law.

After the Jamaat-e-Islami approached the court, the said act was discussed on social media and other platforms. On September 26, its amendment bill, Act 2022, was presented in the Senate and passed by the Senate committee. 

The case against the 'Transgender Act 2018' is also under hearing in the Federal Sharia Court, and there is a great discussion on social media.

While people seem to be talking about giving rights to 'transgender people' like 'eunuchs', people are also heard saying that the difference between the two people has to be understood; both are different types of people, and they are the same. It would be wrong to count in the category.


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