We Are Responsible for the Decline of Pakistani Dramas, Noman Ijaz

We Are Responsible for the Decline of Pakistani Dramas, Noman Ijaz

Posted on Jul 10, 2020

A few decades ago, Pakistani actors and especially those associated with the drama industry were seen claiming that there is no substitute for Pakistani drama all over the world. However, over the past few years, only prominent actors and directors in the Pakistani drama industry have been seen complaining about the decline of domestic drama, and such complaints have only recently increased when Turkish dramas were aired on Pakistan Television (PTV). After the Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi was aired on PTV, the general audience, including members of the drama industry, was seen talking about the decline and destruction of Pakistani dramas.

And now well-known drama actor and producer Noman Ijaz has also admitted that Pakistani drama is over at the moment and the credit for ending the drama goes to us. Talking to producer Rafi Rashid about Pakistani drama on Instagram, Noman Ijaz said there was a time when dramas based on the traditions and cultures of the four provinces were shown on state TV and people were familiar with the traditions of the other province at home.

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Today I will not stress over what I can't control..... Keep rocking .

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Noman Ijaz said that now Pakistani drama is confined to the drawing-room and the house, which used to show bitterness between wife and husband and jealousy between mother and daughter, including quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Criticizing Pakistani dramas, he said that it was surprising that today's Pakistani drama is made in one house and the characters of the drama are not allowed to peek outside. Noman Ijaz said that the biggest role in such a decline of drama is played by the channel owners who want a drama at any cost which will get ratings.

In response to a question, the actor said that people in the Pakistani drama industry are unfamiliar with professionalism and the whole industry is running on sorry and compromise, no one is aware of any professional responsibilities, people are unfamiliar with professionalism. The actor, who has acted brilliantly in several dramas, said that today's Pakistani dramas are not educating people and they are moving towards Netflix and Amazon Prime.

According to him, in the past, dramas used to educate people and he gave an example of this. Old PTV dramas gave an example of this life and said that the drama was on the subject of khula and at that time people protested that it how drama is made on the subject. Noman Ijaz blamed the channel owners for the devastation of Pakistani drama and said that nowadays drama producers go to great lengths to get money from the channel owners but still they do not get the money.

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If you cant control wats happening around you , then start controlling yourself the way you respond to that situation, thats what power is . Matlab power is in tolerance.

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He said that in the past, actors used to fall at the feet of the play's director and producer and learn from them and ask about the play, but now poor directors fall at the feet of new girls and keep asking how many minutes such a dialogue will take place. He complained to the young actors that the new generation of actors would not even know who Qavi Khan was and who Firdous Jamal was. Noman Ijaz said that the only successful actor is the one who tries to learn from his seniors and elders by respecting them but the new generation of actors do less.

He clearly said that we are responsible for the destruction of today's Pakistani drama, we do not need any enemy, we ended our own drama.


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