Waiting for Fans, 'miss Marvel' Fell in Fawad Khan

Waiting for Fans, 'miss Marvel' Fell in Fawad Khan

Posted on Jul 7, 2022

In the fifth episode of Miss Marvel, 'Marvel Studio', Miss Marvel, released yesterday, the entry of Pakistani superstar Fawad Khan tightened fans.

Last year, when it was confirmed that Pakistani actor Fawad Khan would be part of the 'Miss Marvel Series', fans have been awaiting the release of the series since then.

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Last week, the fourth episode of Miss Marvel was released, which showed a photo of Fawad Khan, after which Fawad Khan's fans' anxiety increased.

In the fourth episode of Miss Marvel, who starred in the Indian film industry, including the Pakistani drama and the film industry, this glimpse of just a few moments became the top trend on social media, and his fans regularly in the series. He was waiting patiently to see the role.


In the fifth episode of the Miss Marvel series released yesterday, this long wait for fans ended, and Fawad Khan appeared to show the essence of his lively acting.

In the series' fifth episode, Fawad Khan fell in the form of the main character Kamala Khan (Hassan) and Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat Pardadi (Aisha).

The new episode was once again filmed before the subcontinent, in which Fawad Khan was introduced as the leader of the freedom movement.

Fawad Khan

Fawad khan

After a long time, social media users are not happy to see Fawad Khan showing the essence of his actions and has been expressing his feelings in full swing to appreciate them.

Fawad Khan's Indian fans praised Miss Marvel for his entry and excellent acting.

The fans also liked the chemistry of Fawad Khan (Hassan) and Mehwish Hayat (Aisha).

Fawad Khan's passionate style is also going viral on social media, playing the role of freedom leader in the series.

With the release of the fifth episode, Fawad Khan's name was again trending on social media in Pakistan and India.


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