Viral Video of Zara Noor Abbas and Ali Zafar

Viral Video of Zara Noor Abbas and Ali Zafar

Posted on Nov 15, 2019

Ali Zafar is a great singer, everyone knows this but did you know that Zara Noor Abbas is a great actress as well as a talented singer?

Zara Noor Abbas shared a video on her Instagram account in which she was seen performing with Ali Zafar on the famous song 'Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh'.

The singer also praised Ali Zafar for sharing the video, while in the video she appears to have taken permission from Ali Zafar before starting the song. Zara Noor Abbas wrote in his video that 'I am not a singer, I forget the lyrics, but Ali Zafar thinks that I am a good singer, he is a good person'.

The singer also shared another video in which she appeared to be singing on the song during a gaming session alone. Remember that this song was part of the successful 1960s Bollywood movie 'Dil Apna Aur Pareet Paraee'.

Zara Noor Abbas was last seen working in films like 'Chholawa' and 'paray Hut Love', both of which were praised for his acting.

His drama 'Ehd E Wafa' is currently being broadcast on TV, in which he is working alongside Usman Khalid Butt.

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