Viral Video of Mehwish Hayat

Viral Video of Mehwish Hayat

Posted on Nov 14, 2019

Mehwish Hayat, a renowned Pakistani artist, and a medalist this year, is an excellent actress, but few know that he is the best singer as well as the actress.

Mehwish Hayat recently shared a video on his Instagram account, which is going viral on social media. The video features Mehwish Hayat in a studio but interestingly, the actress is performing on an English song in the meantime.

During this jamming, Mehwish Hayat sang the English song 'Kling Me Softley' which came out in 1996. This song was originally sung by American hip-hop group Fugitives.

According to Mahesh Hayat, this is his favorite song and he is very happy that he got a chance to perform on this song, the actress is being liked very much on social media.

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