Video of Hareem Shah Slapping Mufti Abdul Qavi Goes Viral

Video of Hareem Shah Slapping Mufti Abdul Qavi Goes Viral

TikTok star Hareem Shah, who gained fame by making videos with politicians and celebrities, had announced a few days ago that she would soon be seen acting. Hareem Shah is seen acting on dialogues of various films and dramas on TikTok and Instagram videos. And a few hours ago, Hareem Shah released a video on Instagram in which she is seen slapping Mufti Abdul Qavi, a former member of the Ruwit Hilal Committee.

In the caption of the video, Hareem Shah has written that "everyone will get the answer as to why the Mufti was slapped". Hareem Shah's controversial video went viral as soon as he saw it, but Hareem Shah did not say why on his social media account. Later, while talking to anchorperson Kiran Naz on private news channel Sama's program 7-8, Hareem Shah explained the reason for slapping Mufti Qavi.

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TikTok star Hareem Shah said that Mufti Abdul Qavi had a very nasty, vulgar, and obscene conversation which we have recorded. "We were sitting and talking and the people will decide for themselves whether they should be slapped or not," she said. Hareem Shah said that he had been doing very wrong things since yesterday and my patience was running out, so I slapped Mufti Qavi along with my friend.

"I have no regrets about killing Mufti Abdul Qavi, but if we punish every such man, there will be no rape in society today," he added. In response to a question, Hareem Shah said that he had no relationship with them. He came to the media and humiliated me. He told a lie about me which was baseless. In a video, he said that it was Hareem. There is a king while she was not in me.

On the other hand, Mufti Abdul Qavi also narrated the incident that happened to him in the same show.

Mufti Abdul Qavi said that while I was drinking tea, a girl came and slapped him. He said that the girls came for one to two minutes and slapped him and left. He said that a snake is a snake no matter how many friends you make, I entrust their case to Allah and Allah knows what happens to them. Mufti Abdul Qavi said that I was sitting and drinking tea and a girl came and slapped me and left. This is her humanity. You should ask Hareem Shah why he did that.

It should be noted that some of Hareem Shah's videos have been the subject of controversy before and he has also faced legal action from Mubashir Luqman.


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