Video of Hareem Shah calling Sheikh Rashid during TV show goes viral

Video of Hareem Shah calling Sheikh Rashid during TV show goes viral

Hareem Shah, a controversial talk show host, model, and actress, was caught on camera during a TV broadcast calling Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

The viral video is from Hareem Shah's upcoming talk programme, 'To Be Honest,' which will air next week. The discussion show will premiere on YouTube on November 24, but the teaser video has gone viral. The show's host asks Hareem Shah what would happen if she phoned Sheikh Rashid in a brief teaser.

Tiktok celebrity claims to have just phoned them and is waiting to see what happens. Hareem Shah can be seen in the video dialling the Home Minister's number while simultaneously showing the screen of her phone, which indicates that she has saved the Home Minister's number under the name of 'Sheikho.' Has remained

Sheikh Rasheed takes up the phone and tells Tiktok  Star to contact him later, but Hareem Shah insists on talking now, as shown in the teaser. Sheikh Rashid is like one of my brothers, as well. Hareem Shah is a Pakistani businessman. Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed scolds Hareem Shah and urges him in a firm tone, "Stop nonsense," in the teaser.

Hareem Shah smiles and shuts off her phone after receiving a scolding from the Home Minister, according to the teaser. At this point, it is uncertain what he will do after leaving the position.  When Hareem Shah's talk programme airs on November 24, the complete truth about the situation will be disclosed. Hareem Shah has been talking about the Home Minister even before the programme, and a video of his phone conversation to the Home Minister became viral in the past.

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Hareem Shah had previously stated that one of his friends had married Sheikh Rashid. Sheikh Rashid is protecting me; he did not marry for the sake of me. Hareem Shah is a Pakistani businessman. Similarly, he once declared Sheikh Rashid to be his brother, and he once proposed marriage to the Home Minister, claiming that he would not marry because of him.

The Home Minister has yet to respond to Hareem Shah's charges and assertions in a clear and transparent manner. Hareem Shah, commonly known as the 'Scandal Star,' is recognised for her provocative remarks, videos, and allegations.


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