Veena Malik Also Issues Rs 50 Crore Damages Notice to Her Ex-husband

Veena Malik Also Issues Rs 50 Crore Damages Notice to Her Ex-husband

Recently, Asad Khattak, the ex-husband of actress and model Veena Malik, sent a notice to his ex-wife seeking Rs 500 million in damages for smuggling children from Dubai to Pakistan and defaming them. And now actress Veena Malik has sent a notice of Rs 50 crore damages to her ex-husband Asad Khattak for defaming the media without any evidence.

Actress Veena Malik sent a notice to Asad Khattak through her lawyer Tanveer Khokhar. A notice sent by advocate Tanveer Malik said that Asad Bashir was defaming Veena Malik without any evidence and legal justification by misrepresenting him in the media. The notice said the use of words such as trafficking and kidnapping against the real mother of children Amal and Abram were illegal and unwarranted.

The notice said that Asad Bashir had hired a babysitter (worker) to look after the children, who was presented as a suspected non-male, and in doing so, he was legally defaming Veena Malik and defaming her. According to the notice sent by the actress, Asad Bashir Khattak told the media that the children were trafficked from Dubai to Pakistan but the facts are that Veena Malik had returned to Pakistan legally from Dubai with her children.

The text added that Asad Khattak should share the full order of the Dubai local court on social media. The notice said that Asad Khattak's baseless allegations affected Veena Malik's reputation and she came to the media and social media in 90 days to apologize. It further said that a defamation suit would be filed against Asad Khattak if Veena Malik did not apologize.

Veena Malik and Asad Khattak were married on December 25, 2013, and have two children. Veena Malik divorced Asad Bashir Khattak in 2017. The two continue to accuse each other after the divorce and have made various accusations against each other even before the child custody dispute. Declaring the transfer of children from Dubai to Pakistan illegal, Asad Khattak had recently sent a notice to Veena Malik seeking Rs 500 million in damages.

After Asad Khattak sent a notice of damages, Veena Malik shared court documents via tweet and said that she had custody of the children and did not do anything illegal. Asad Khattak later shared alleged audio of his ex-wife on November 12, in which Veena Malik allegedly threatened and abused her. In the audio shared by Asad Khattak, Veena Malik can be heard threatening her ex-husband.

At the same time, Veena Malik can be heard abusing her ex-husband. However, it could not be independently investigated whether the said audio belongs to Veena Malik or it is edited audio. Following the audio, Veena Malik's husband told Geo News on November 20 that his ex-wife was threatening to make him disappear and kidnap him.

Asad Bashir had claimed that he had been threatened by Veena Malik with the abduction and abduction of his sisters.


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