Us Visas Issued to Omar Sharif and His Family

Us Visas Issued to Omar Sharif and His Family

Omar Sharif, a legendary Pakistani comedian and actor, and his family have been granted US visas and will travel to the US soon.

The issue of Omar Sharif's visa was announced by Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab on the social networking site Twitter. Murtaza Wahab expressed his delight at the news that Omar Sharif's visa had been approved, and praised the US Consulate employees for their help.

Murtaza Wahab had earlier tweeted that he was pleased to report that Omar Sharif's family's visa interviews had taken place today. He expressed his gratitude to the US Consulate for allowing him to obtain a visa without Omar Sharif's presence. Murtaza Wahab went on to say that we should all pray for the healing of Omar Sharif, the best comic in the subcontinent.

Omar Sharif and his family, on the other hand, have been awarded US visas and will soon travel to the United States for treatment, according to Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr Shahbaz Gul. Omar Sharif's family commended Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his support in the process, according to Dr. Shahbaz Gul. The Prime Minister prayed to Allah Almighty to heal Omar Sharif as quickly is possible, according to the Special Assistant.

The Sindh government announced yesterday that all preparations for Omar Sharif's treatment in the United States were nearly complete, and that the actors will depart within the next 24 to 36 hours. On September 14, the Sindh government also paid Rs 4 crore for Omar Sharif's treatment, while the federal government announced the actor will be granted a visa by September 16.

Omar Sharif has been sick for a month and is receiving treatment in Karachi's Aga Khan Hospital. His family initially rejected allegations that he was sick or in the hospital last month, but then revealed that Omar Sharif was receiving treatment. When Omar Sharif's condition in the hospital deteriorated, he sent Prime Minister Imran Khan a video message requesting assistance for treatment abroad.

After Omar Sharif sought care, the federal government established a medical board to treat him.


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