Urdu language is the cause of disputes and differences among Muslims?

Urdu language is the cause of disputes and differences among Muslims?

The Urdu language is the cause of disputes and differences among Muslims?
Chennai was once known as Madras in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The language here is Tamil or Tamil which everyone speaks and understands, but some local languages or dialects are also a source of communication between people. Different cities of Tamil Nadu state are distinguished by their distinctive culture.

Speaking of Madras, the city has always been important. Along with the Hindus, the Muslim population here is also immersed in the local culture and is diverse in a sense. However, the difference in language has taken away the Muslims of Chennai from one another.

A group of Muslims is one who considers Urdu as the mother tongue and for them, it is an important source of cultural and religious identity, while Muslim families from the interior and coastal areas of the state have nothing to do with Urdu. They speak Tamil and give importance to the same language and native dialects in each case. To them, the problem is not the language, but the culture that they perceive as the basis and identity of the region.

Many analysts and intellectuals in Tamil Nadu also criticize Urdu speakers and are called political orphans. In his view, considering Urdu as indispensable for its religious identity and culture is backward thinking.

The fact is that in large cities like Tamil Nadu and Chennai, Urdu-speaking Muslims are suffering from educational and economic backwardness too. Their economic condition is not good and most of them are trading and trading small business. They determine their living and culture based on their religion and Urdu language.

On the other hand, there is a tension between the Tamil-speaking Muslims and the Urdu-speaking Muslims in general, and in some areas their social connections are nominal.

In the Muslim families who speak Urdu and Tamil and those who support a certain culture, the social gulf has also kept them from getting married. They do not want to create any kind of ceremony and relations, but Tamil speakers know that Urdu speaking Muslims do not consider them good and complete Muslims and that is largely true.


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