Upon returning from Thailand, how did Sanam Saeed being treated in Pakistan?

Upon returning from Thailand, how did Sanam Saeed being treated in Pakistan?

Posted on Apr 17, 2020

Famous Pakistani actors Shamoon Abbasi, Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, and Sara Loren were stuck in Thailand along with the team of their film 'Ishrat Made in China', Those who returned to Pakistan with great difficulty after several days but after returning home, their difficulties did not decrease
Actress Sanam Saeed shared the experience of returning to Pakistan and moving to Quarantine on social networking site Twitter.

The cast of the film was involved in the shooting of 'Ishrat Made in China', directed by Mohib Mirza in Thailand when lockdowns were implemented in several countries due to the Coronavirus, which also suspended flights to Pakistan.

Later the film team stayed in a hotel in Thailand for 20 days, while the actors appealed to the government of Pakistan to bring them back.

According to Sanam Saeed, after arriving in Pakistan all the passengers were immediately left alone but in the meantime, huge demands are also being made from them.

The actress said in a tweet that only one-way ticket had to be purchased for Rs 111,000 for returning to Pakistan, while besides demanding Rs 1,000 for every meal at the hotel, she was also given a passenger, Those staying at the hotel are also being forced to deposit the entire week's money together and threatened by the hotel administration that they will have to leave the hotel immediately if it is not done.

Sanam Saeed made it clear that travelers had previously been told that their hotel accommodation would be free.

The actress added, "We think that the government is doing everything right now to deal with this situation properly, though the passengers should have already told them what they would face after returning. The embassies also wanted to inform the travelers in advance so that people were mentally, physically and financially prepared for it.

Actor Shamoon Abbasi also issued a statement in which he accused the hotel of extortion.

According to the actor, "At the airport, we were told that we would stay at the Ramada Hotel. At that time neither we were asked nor asked to do so, we were told that we were free to eat and live in the meantime." Convenience will be provided, but now the hotel administration is threatening us that if we do not pay immediately, we will have to leave the hotel at that time. '

Says Shamoon Abbasi, "There are many people who do not know how to pay such a large amount of money because we have all come to this place with great pay and at this time they feel that they have money to eat and live." Everyone will be involved. '

He added that passengers were told at the airport that they would have to stay in the hotel for one night after which Corona would be tested in the morning while the results would come after 6 hours and if the results were negative then they would go home. 
According to the actor, later the management said that they would not test us and we would have to pay more to stay in the hotel.

Shamoon Abbasi demanded that he and other passengers be tested immediately because they were already in Quarantine abroad.

The actor also requested authorities to investigate the matter.


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