Unique expression of love of fans, statue of “Ertugrul Ghazi” installed in Lahore

Unique expression of love of fans, statue of “Ertugrul Ghazi” installed in Lahore

Posted on Jun 8, 2020

A statue of the famous Turkish warrior Ertugrul Ghazi has been erected in a residential colony in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, in view of the popularity of the Turkish drama “Diriliş Ertugrul”, which has been aired on Pakistan Television (PTV) since late April.

Pakistan Television (PTV) paid tribute to Ertugrul Ghazi by erecting a statue of Ertugrul Ghazi in a residential colony in Lahore in view of the popularity of the Turkish drama Afaq based on the Islamic conquests of Muslims on the eve of Ramadan. went-

According to media reports, a 10 feet tall statue made of iron and fiber was installed in Marghzar Housing Scheme on Multan Road in Lahore at the request of the residents after the popularity of the drama aired on PTV. Ertugrul Ghazi is shown riding a horse with a sword in his hand.

Regarding the installation of the statue, Muhammad Shehzad Cheema, president of the Marghzar Housing Scheme, said he decided to erect the statue of Ertugrul when some residents offered him a tribute. Giving details of the project, he said that these special sculptures have been made using fiber and metal in the Kamalia town of Toba Tek Singh district.

Talking about the price, Shehzad Cheema had said, "I will not mention the price of these statues. Otherwise, Asb's idea will be the focus of the day. He said," I will place an order for these statues. I went to Kamalia myself.”

At present, two statues of Ertugrul have been erected. One of them has been installed while the other will be installed at a central location soon. Sohail Anwar Rana, secretary-general of the scheme, said, "We will call this place Ertugrul Ghazi Chowk," where the first statue was erected.

"What impressed me the most about this character is the way it united the whole tribe and formed the Ottoman Empire - that's what made the world's Muslim community," Cheema said. Our kids can enjoy this show, but they should also be able to see in their artistic abilities.

It should be noted that the Turkish drama has been translated into Urdu at the request of Prime Minister Imran Khan and will be aired on PTV from the first of Ramadan. Even before this, many Turkish dramas were aired in Pakistan but this drama set new records of popularity in Pakistan.

It should be noted that the story of the play “Diriliş Ertugrul” pre-dates the establishment of the 'Ottoman Empire' in the 13th century and the main story of this play revolves around a brave Muslim general named 'Ertugrul' who is also called 'Ertugrul Ghazi'. The play shows how in the 13th century the Turkish general Ertugrul bravely fought the Mongols, the Crusaders, and the oppressors and maintained his series of victories.


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