Umar Akmal Trending on social media Due to 'funny tweet'

Umar Akmal Trending on social media Due to 'funny tweet'

Posted on Feb 20, 2020

Pakistan's leading batsman Umar Akmal is once again in contention and it seems that Pakistan cricket's 'young and talented' cricketer, Umar Akmal, is always looking for an excuse to become a news fan.

However, the tragedy is that apart from the early days of his career, Umar Akmal is often the media gag for negative news and he continues to pursue new controversies such as these.

Although today Umar Akmal has been suspended for violating the anti-corruption laws which led to him being out of the Pakistan Super League he was also discussed on social media a day ago due to his allegedly ridiculous post.

Umar Akmal was part of Pakistan Super League's defending champion Quetta Gladiators squad ahead of the suspension and he allegedly shared a photo on social media with team bowling coach Abdul Razzaq yesterday.

In this photo, Umar Akmal and Abdul Razzaq can be seen sitting on the ship together, but the highlight of the picture is the caption that Umar Akmal did not know when he was trying to write something else.

In the caption, he wrote that "mother from another brother" and it is possible that he wanted to write 'brother from another mother'.

The tweet is no longer visible on Umar Akmal's Twitter handle, but screenshots of his tweet have circulated on social media, with fans laughing at him and some of his tweets.

However, it has not been confirmed whether Umar Akmal actually tweeted or made fun of him by doing a photoshop.

It should be remembered that before this, for various negative reasons, Umar Akmal has become the target of criticism on social media.

Earlier, a photo of him eating grapes had also gone viral on social media, which he made a joke on social media.

Last year, Umar Akmal returned to the national team after a while, but in both matches against Sri Lanka's relatively weak team, they returned to the pavilion at zero, which was criticized by the fans again. Demanded not to be included


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