Two Decades Have Passed Since Noor Jahan, Who Inspired the Youth of the Country

Two Decades Have Passed Since Noor Jahan, Who Inspired the Youth of the Country

Dozens of such timeless songs, including ‘Ae Wattan Kay Sajeelay Jawanon’, 'Har Lakhta Momin', 'Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat Mere Mehboob Na Mang', 'Meri Zindagi Ak Naghma' and 'Aaja Meri Barbaad Banhon Mei' It has been 20 years since Malika Taranum Noor Jahan.

Noor Jahan was nicknamed the “Malika Taranum” because of her melodious voice and she has sung nearly 10,000 songs in her career spanning more than five decades. Malika Taranum Noor Jahan was born on September 21, 1926, in Kasur, Punjab, in the present-day Pakistani province of United India. Her real name was Allah Wasai while Noor Jahan was her film name. She started her artistic career with 'Pind Di Kudi' in 1935. After the formation of Pakistan, she shifted from Mumbai to Karachi with her husband Shaukat Hussain Rizvi.

She had moved to Mumbai in United India at that time due to early marriage but returned after settling in Pakistan.

Memorable photo with Malika Taranum’s teacher Nusrat Fateh Ali and current Prime Minister Imran Khan

In the war of 1965, they played my drums, Ae Wattan Kay Sajeelay Jawanon, ay puttar hattan tay nai wikday, O mahi chail chabila, Ye Hawaon ke Musafir, will sing innumerable songs. She increased the enthusiasm of the nation and the army. Noor Jahan sang a total of more than 10,000 ghazals and songs in which her first song, My First Love, My Beloved Don't Ask, was a huge hit that took Queen Taranum on a new journey of success.

Noor Jahan was both a singer and a leading actress at the same time. All her Punjabi films were made in Calcutta while she moved to Lahore in 1938. In 1931, she also acted in 11 silent films. The films in which Madame acted as a child star include 'Heer Sial', 'Gul Bakauli' and 'Sasi Pinnu', while as a heroine she spread the magic of her art in many films including 'Naukar' (1943), Nadan. (1943), Dost (1944), Lal Haveli (1944), Mirza Ghalib (1961), Nooran (1957), Koil (1959), Pardesan (1959), Neend (1959), Anarkali (1958) Yamla Jutt (1940), Chaudhry (1941) and many more.

In 1957, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Performance, while in 1965, he was awarded the Medal of Excellence, in addition to other awards. Noor Jahan, who gained worldwide acceptance and popularity, did not have the happiness of a married life. Her first marriage was to filmmaker Shaukat Hussain Rizvi in ​​1942, with whom she had three children, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1953. Similarly, she got married for the second time to Ijaz Durrani in 1959, with whom she had three children, but the relationship ended in divorce.

Malika Taranum Noor Jahan was awarded the Medal of Excellence in 1965 and received many other awards. Queen Tarnam, possessing a sarcastic voice and God-given abilities, passed away on December 23, 2000 after suffering from a heart condition.


Malika taranum noor jahan

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