Twenty-seven years have passed since Sultan Rahi left the fans

Twenty-seven years have passed since Sultan Rahi left the fans

Posted on Jan 9, 2020

Twenty-seven years have passed since Sultan Rahi was smitten by fans

KARACHI: The 24th anniversary of the celebrated actor Sultan Rai is being celebrated by the Pakistani film industry.

Sultan Rahi, the most popular actor in the Pakistani film industry, was once considered a guarantee for the success of Punjabi films. Sala Sahib, 'Chan Jet', 'Sher Khan', 'Shole', 'General Singh', 'Sheran De Putar', 'Madam Rani', 'Chan Varyam' to play an everlasting role and Sultan Mohammad named Sultan Rahi, who received more than 150 top film awards, was born in Saharanpur, India, in 1938, but after his stay in Pakistan, he migrated with his family to Pakistan.

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Sultan Rahi started his artistic journey with the film 'Baghi'. The success of films like 'Bashira' and 'Molla Jat' in the 70s brought Sultan Rahi to a boom. There was a time when Sultan Rahi was the only hero of the Pakistan film industry and this period continued for many years. Director Yunas Malik's role in the movie 'Moola Jet', Moulay, has gained a great reputation in the subcontinent.

Superstar Sultan Rahi, who ruled the hearts of the film star, was coming to Lahore from Rawalpindi on the night of January 9, 1996, when he was shot by unknown men near Gujranwala.

At the time of the assassination of Sultan Rahi, 54 films were still in the works. The assassination of Sultan Rahi proved to be the forerunner of the fall for the Punjabi film industry and their shortcomings have not been fulfilled till date.





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