Turkish Drama Ertugrul Ghazi Slaps Pakistani Drama Industry: Twitter Users

Turkish Drama Ertugrul Ghazi Slaps Pakistani Drama Industry: Twitter Users

The Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi, based on the Muslim conquests of the thirteenth century by Muslims, has been dubbed into Urdu and aired on Pakistan's state-run TV since the first of Ramadan. In view of the popularity of the play, some Pakistani artists expressed their displeasure over its airing on PTV and criticized PTV, to which Pakistani fans of the play reacted strongly and criticized the critics. They took it in stride and criticized Pakistani dramas and their content and even started a trend called Wahyat Drama on Pakistan Twitter panel.

Not only the public but also celebrities are criticizing the stories of dramas being aired in Pakistan - a few days ago, Junaid Saleem, the well-known host of the popular talk show Hasbahal on a private TV channel, slammed the protesters. I just saw a teaser of a drama in which a drama was made on an objectionable subject like love for brother-in-law and they object to the play Ertugrul that we will show our culture. Is it our culture that Sally fights love with her brother-in-law?

A user named Tahrim Khawaja shared a video of Haniya Aamir's drama which was aired on Hum TV and wrote that nowadays this drama is being aired on Hum TV which shows a woman with four men before her marriage. Relationships - Like Seriously What Are You Showing on Your Channels? They are all defaming women with their cheap content!!

C Ammar Hussain shared photos of Mahesh Hayat performing in the show and wrote that Pakistan (made in the name of Islam) drama or award show is showing or going - rape, torture, humiliation, divorce, marriage While falling in love with another man/woman, destroying houses, betraying. and what?

A user named Sartaj Wazir shared a picture of the upcoming drama Jalan in which sister is sacrificed to brother-in-law. In the charity drama of Hair, father-in-law is sacrificed to the daughter-in-law.

A user named Sartaj, while demanding a ban on these dramas, wrote that if you talk beyond Sharia, all these dramas are destroying our morals, our culture, and our principles. Then why is all this happening in Pakistan and is being supported by the media, educated people, and even the government? An immediate ban on all of them.! #Haram

A user shared a clip of Pakistani drama serial Ahad Wafa and Ertugrul Ghazi drama in which the main characters of Ahad Wafa are making humorous phrases on Ulema while on the other hand in Ertugrul the main character Ertughral is punishing the main character for speaking against Ulema and Allama. Saying words of honor and respect, while sharing this video clip, the user wrote why we support Turkish drama.

There is a big difference between them and our dramas. Watch this video to know the difference.


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