Tom Hanks returns to the screen after recovering from Coronavirus

Tom Hanks returns to the screen after recovering from Coronavirus

Oscar-nominated Hollywood actor and TV host Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, fell victim to the Coronavirus in the first week of March last month.

The Hollywood actor and his wife, Rita Wilson, suffered from an outbreak during an Australian visit, which led to her being hospitalized for a few days.

Tom Hanks warned his fans via social media posts in early March that he and his wife had suffered from Corona during an Australian visit and would have to stay in the hospital for a few days.

The actor later revealed via social media post on March 17 that he and his wife had been discharged from the hospital and would now be quarantined at home.

He did not specify whether or not he was recovering from Corona, however, and explained that he was discharged from the hospital and later relocated from Australia to the United States.

Tom Hanks recovered after relocating to the United States, and now for the first time on TV, he told his fans about the plague.

According to the American newspaper The Independent, April 11, Tom Hanks hosted his well-known TV show Saturday Night Live and he looked extremely happy in the program.

According to reports, Tom Hanks hosted the program for the first time after recovering from Corona, and he performed from home, in which he appeared enthusiastic.

Their program's viral videos on social media can be seen as full recovery as ever.

During the program, he thanked his fans and said that being a victim of the Corona epidemic was a difficult time for him and his wife, but with the good wishes of the fans and the hard work of the doctors, he managed to get through this difficult.

He also mentioned the symptoms of his physical condition and epidemic while suffering in Corona and said that he did not have so many symptoms, just felt tired and fever then he checked up after which he was diagnosed with Corona.

According to the actor, after Corona's diagnosis, he followed doctors' instructions and after having a good time in the hospital, he followed the specialist's instructions at home and he is perfectly healthy today.

It may be recalled that his wife Rita Wilson has also recovered from Corona while other prominent showbiz personalities are in better shape.

Hollywood actress Idris Elba and his wife, like him, had fallen prey to Corona, but now they are better off, but they have not started a routine.


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