Today's actors are not as professional as past actors, Javed Sheikh

Today's actors are not as professional as past actors, Javed Sheikh

Javed Sheikh is regarded as one of the stars of the Pakistani showbiz industry who has made a good name not only in Pakistan but worldwide.

Javed Sheikh recently became a part of private TV channel Geo's Show Jashan Cricket Ka where he talked about several aspects of his 4-decade career.

Javed Sheikh worked as an 'extra actor' on the set of a project in Radio Pakistan, but today he is considered as the greatest actor in the Pakistani cinema industry.

According to Javed Sheikh, "I worked as an extra actor in TV, film and radio, I used to come up with only one shot or one line in these projects".

He revealed that he failed in five auditions given to Radio Pakistan, after which he struggled and got the sixth audition.

"People used to tell me that when I audition, I don't know how to speak lines or I don't get the right impression," he said.

Javed Sheikh said that his sixth audition was right, after which he was selected for a role, he acted in Nadeem Baig, Mohammed Ali and Waheed Murad's movie 'Jaag Otha Hai Insan'.

According to the actor, "I was sitting on a wall with some of my friends watching the film's shooting when a man called us and asked if we would like to work as an extra actor in the film on which we Everyone is happy. '

"I was so excited to see all these actors, Muhammad Ali was my favourite actor," he said.

Javed Sheikh laughs that in the movie he worked in a scene in which he was sitting on a camel with his friends but his face was covered with a veil, he was sad to have his face hidden, after which He asked the film team why their faces were hidden so they were told that there were no girls on the set so they were all presented as girls.

During the show when Javed Sheikh was asked about current and past actors, he said that today's actors are not as professional as past actors.

He said, "Nowadays, actors are busy on mobile phones all the time on the set; in my view, a professional actor never brings his phone with him on the set. It is important for an actor not to disturb him. , To be in his role, so there is a difference between the actors of today and the actors of the past. '

He also said that Pakistan's film industry is moving towards improvement again.

According to Javed Sheikh, the cinema industry in the 60s and 70s was the best era and now it is returning again.

It should be noted that Javed Sheikh has also worked in many Bollywood films in his career and again on the question of working in these films, he said that as long as the situation between Pakistan and India will not be a part of Bollywood films.


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