Today is the 24th Death anniversary of the well-known poet Mohsin Naqvi

Today is the 24th Death anniversary of the well-known poet Mohsin Naqvi

Today is the 24th Death anniversary of the well-known poet Mohsin Naqvi 
Today marks the 24th anniversary of Mohsin Naqvi, a renowned Urdu language lyricist and salam poet whose words reflect the colors of human behavior.

Mohsin Naqvi was born on May 5, 1947 in Sadat, the palace of Dera Ghazi Khan. His full name was Syed Ghulam Abbas Naqvi. Mohsin Naqvi used the pseudonym as a pseudonym.

From childhood, he paid close attention to worldly education as well as religious education, and at the mosque as well as at home recited the Holy Quran.
Mohsin Naqvi Shaheed did his MA in Urdu from Punjab University Lahore and he published his first collection of poetry during the day.
Mohsin Naqvi was the eldest of his six siblings and said during his first lyrics matriculation.
Mohsin Naqvi also wrote columns in the weekly Halal issue of Naqvi Dera Ghazi, while also working as a columnist in 'Amroz', a newspaper published from Multan.
Mohsin Naqvi was also the editor of the magazine 'Al-Ghazi' of Naqvi Government College Dera Ghazi Khan and vice president of the college's union.
When he published the 'Think Modern' number, the name of Mohsin Naqvi came to prominence in literary circles and his literary stature grew enormously in the college.
All the college professors saw Mohsin Naqvi with appreciation.
Mohsin Naqvi Shaheed played a leading role in politics by joining the Pakistan People's Students Federation in 1979.
Mohsin Naqvi Shaheed was considered one of the main leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

He wrote a poem for the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, 'Ya Allah Ya Rasool, Benazir Be Kasoor'.

Mohsin Naqvi's Urdu poetry collections include "Azab-e-deed, Khaima-e-Jan, Berg-e-Sehra, Band-e-Qiba, Mouj-e-Adrak, Tulu-e-IshQ, Furat-e-Fikar, Reza-e-Harf, Rakht-e-Shab, Radae khwab, Haqq-e-Ellia."
Mohsin Naqvi's status in Urdu poetry cannot be denied, but Marsia was his special subject.
Renowned poet Mohsin Naqvi was awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence (Pride of Performance Award) in 1994.
One evening on January 15, 1996, this famous poet, Mohsin Naqvi, was targeted by unidentified terrorists and separated from us forever and made us do what will never be less.
Mohsin Naqvi said the last poem after he was injured in an attack by unknown terrorists.


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