TikTok: How did ordinary Pakistani Youth win the Hearts of Millions of Users

TikTok: How did ordinary Pakistani Youth win the Hearts of Millions of Users

Posted on Dec 20, 2019

TikTok: How did ordinary Pakistani youth win the hearts of millions of users through viral videos?
The mobile app TikTok, which was criticized and disputed at times, led to the suspension of Pakistan's national airline staff, and sometimes inquired into the admission of Hareem Shah's Interior Ministry. But see the magic of this app that its number of users is increasing day by day.

App TikTok is one of the most downloaded social media apps in Pakistan in 2019, which is becoming increasingly popular among young people around the world.

In a country like Pakistan, where young people do not have a lot of opportunities to showcase their skills, Tuck Talk provides a platform where young people are seen expressing their art.

 what is so special about this app that young people are drawn to?

The Chinese app that produces short videos is the slogan of 'real people, original videos' and perhaps that's why young artists from Pakistan's middle, poor and backward classes are using the TikTok to showcase their creativity.

Usman Asim runs a wholesale shop in a market in Wazirabad, Punjab. Usman's TikTok, popularly known as 'The Famous Maulvi' on Tuck Talk, has 5.5 million likes and 2 million followers.

Usman says that 'TikTok' is an app where even a tea maker can showcase his talent and through the exposure he gets from the app, he has other opportunities to show his talent on the TV or on the big screen.

Usman's success and fame are credited with TikTok, and it's not an exaggeration to say that he has become a celebrity overnight because of it. We found evidence of this when we went to Wazirabad in his city to meet Usman and asked for a passer-by, and he told us, 'There is also a shop with Usman Molvi, who is ticking in near this square.'

Naila Jet, also from a backward family in Sialkot, is also a TikTok star. They have 1.5 million likes and close to seven million followers.

Needless to say, she is a housewife and has not studied. Her husband runs a rickshaw while his mother works in cleaning people's homes.

But TikTok is so easy to use that it didn't take long for it to go viral. 'I am not literate but I still make easy videos through this app which are instantly hit.'

He is also a fan of the big actors on TikTok and recently posted a video on the voice of Naila, star of the drama series 'Hum Yatra'.

Khwaja Sara Mehak Malik is a dancer and performs on stage in the city of Multan, Punjab. Although he is already quite popular in his field, he has over 40 million likes and 28 million followers on TikTok.

According to him, the distribution of the class in his fans through TikTok has decreased.
Thanks to 'TikTok, people have noticed us too. Those who did not see or like the eunuchs before and were not part of their concerts, now they have come to know that aromatic country is also something. '

"They say no, the rich will get fame and wealth is the source of wealth."

These sentences were not relieved by Mehak Malik and they laughed aloud.

Is it possible to earn from TikTok?

So is TikTok's reputation really a fountain of wealth for these TikTokers?

Naila Jutt says she was told by her friend about the app. 'He said that making videos on TikTok brings gifts from the company. But I found out later that there was no truth in that. '

Usman Asim says that unlike YouTube, it is not possible to earn directly on TikTok. "However, many brands give some money or a gift to famous Tuckers to advertise their products."

The seemingly easy-to-see fame journey on TikTok is not that easy. The aromatic country has also been criticized for its gender and dance as a profession.
'Below my videos, people used to comment that repentance was Allah Almighty. So I laugh who's saying this, who's watching himself? '

He not only dealt with the criticism boldly but also played a role in changing the way people think about dancers and dancers through their stupendous videos.

Nor is the fragrance alone in this struggle.

Usman Asim says that when he started making videos on TikTok, most people said, 'Do you make beard talk videos?'

Their response to such people is, 'First, I am not doing anything wrong, but I am scattering every smile on people's faces. Secondly, if something is wrong, it is wrong for the bearded person and also for the bearded. '

Naila Jatt says she makes all the talk videos in her two-room kitchen. "I don't have a big house to show, expensive clothes, nor do I speak fur English."

Their simplicity and tone were also made fun of by people. He was even called a 'sparrow' but he ignored people's derogatory behavior because 'I was doing nothing wrong in the eyes of myself and my family.'

Head caps, beards on the face and fun videos, the unique acts of 'The Famous Maulvi' make people very happy.
Usman says: 'Looking at a bearded person, it is often thought in our country that he will be either of a serious mood or angry. Many people will probably think so when they come to my TikTok profile, but they love it when they see me in a comedy role. I often hear people say in the comments that a Maulvi like you should want more in Pakistan.
Usman is not alone in challenging the stereotypes of society through his videos.
Mehak Malik says: "Because of my dance, people who used to make hateful comments on my videos were encouraged today,"

Demands ban on TikTok

While the popularity of Tuck Talk is increasing day by day, the ban on its meaning and criticism of Tuck Talkers is also on the rise.

In April this year, a decision was made by a court in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu to block Tuck Talk on charges of helping him access child pornography and sexually abusing children. However, within a week of the ban's application, it was lifted by the court and reinstated in a TikTok.

The app is also being cited by US agencies as a threat to national security and is also being periodically banned in Pakistan. In August this year, Advocate Nadeem Sarwar also filed a petition in the Lahore High Court demanding the ban on TikTok.

Social media has also been accused by many of the people of the app for spreading indecency and distorting Pakistan's social values.

But users of this app do not agree to the ban request. Aroma Malik says, 'I hate the TikTok protesters, why do they watch these videos themselves? If we are making, then they are not even looking! First, they should stop looking at it and delete this app. '

'Some people are right that some people are putting porn videos on it, but no app is good or bad, but it can be used for good or bad purposes.'

Beyond Tuck Talk Wherever
This reputation on Tuck Talk is not limited to Tuck Talk. According to Usman Asim, he has also been offered films from the Pakistan Film Industry. "But those films did not suit my mood and I did not accept these offers."

Naila Jet says she has been offered several occasions to come to TuckTalk events, where celebrity Tuck Talk personalities give live performances, but her interest is more in modeling or acting. 'I want to showcase my talent on the big screen but I have other dreams. I have become a TikTok star but I want to educate my younger sister by writing.


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