There is not much difference In Mahira Khan’s and my age : Meera

There is not much difference In Mahira Khan’s and my age : Meera

There is not much difference In Mahira Khan’s and my age
Looking for new ways to stay in the news, Lollywood actress Meera got hit on cinema screens with her film 'Baaji' last year.

Along with the story of the film, Meera's acting was also appreciated, after which the fans expressed their desire to see the actress in more projects.

However, actress Meera revealed in an interview to Independent Urdu that TV or film industry is shared with her both places.

In her interview, 42-year-old Meera announced after the success of the film 'Baaji' that she will now think seriously about acting in television dramas.

Meera said, "In the beginning, I was not serious about drama, but this year I decided that my focus would be on TV, working on plays and hosting numerous shows".

However, the actress also revealed that there is a mafia in both the television and film industry that works against them and will not let them go.
In her interview, 35-year-old actress Mahira Khan was criticized, saying that Mahira Khan is not talented, yet her job is given to Mahira Khan.

I said, "No one in Pakistan is competing with me in acting. I am more talented than Mahira Khan. Found by Shah Rukh Khan.

Meera also said that Mahira Khan became part of the industry at the age of 27 and there is not much difference between her and Mahira's age.

Be aware that this was not the first time that I had criticized Mahira Khan.

Earlier, Meera had said in a statement that Mahira Khan had copied her work in Bollywood while advising fans not to waste their time watching Mahira Khan's performance.

During the interview, the actress also spoke to Captain Naveed about her video scandal and said that there was no fact in these videos that she and Captain Naveed's face were photographed.

My point is that there was no truth to the scandals that came out of him and that is why he suffered disappointment.


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