The world is getting better, we were careless about it: Urwa Hocane

The world is getting better, we were careless about it: Urwa Hocane

Pakistan's famous actress Urwa Hocane believes that the world is facing devastation due to the Coronavirus. Whereas according to her, the world is also getting better with this virus.

The actress on social networking website Twitter expressed her opinion about the Coronavirus in a series of tweets.

'I was thinking that my thoughts about this global pandemic were very different, where I was thinking that the virus was being devastated. I also noticed that our world was better. And it needs to get better because we were so careless about hurting it. "

According to the actress, "where I am currently remembering my mother and family, I am also thankful that I am safe in my own home, there are lovers I can talk to." ۔

The actress further wrote, "I sympathize with all those who are currently in a difficult situation, who have nothing to eat, or who have any problems with their health, or they are doctors. And the policemen who are standing in the front and fighting in this war. '
'Be brave and try to be positive and most importantly thankful and stay in your own home,' wrote Urwa Hocane.

It is to be noted that the coronavirus, which is feared by the terrorists around the world, is also spreading rapidly in Pakistan, till now the total number of deaths from this virus has increased to 16 while the number of victims has increased to more than 1550.


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