The Words in the Tweets Are My Thoughts, Veena Malik

The Words in the Tweets Are My Thoughts, Veena Malik

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has revealed on her official Twitter account that the tweets from her account are hers but the words are someone else's.

Veena Malik participated in the private TV channel ARY News' program 'Every Moment Passionate' yesterday in which host Wasim Badami repeated the inappropriate words included in her tweets and talked about the choice of words. To which Veena Malik laughed and said, "Everything that happens on Twitter should be on Twitter, not brought in Wasim Badami's show. I feel that everyone has their own point of view."

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The host asked if everyone had the right to have their say, but could your choice of words be better? I'm not talking about your thinking. To which Veena Malik said, "If you don't say night, what will you say?" It's dark. " The host then asked what would you do if the person in front of you did the same thing? To which Veena Malik said, "This is the job of those in front. I think my words are still very appropriate. In fact, the reality is much more bitter."

During the program, Wasim Badami asked Veena Malik, "Is this what you write on Twitter, is it your thinking?" I am. Wasim Badami expressed surprise at this and asked, "Who writes these words?", To which Veena Malik said, "Keep guessing." "I don't know how to write Urdu so well," said Veena Malik. That's it.

To which Wasim Badami asked, "Aren't you tweeting often?" Veena Malik replied, "I'm tweeting." Then the host said that the words are never yours and never, to which Veena Malik said that it is so. "I see what people are saying and thinking and then I tweet about it," said Veena Malik.

In response, Wasim Badami quoted a tweet from Veena Malik as saying, "You said that Azmat Saeed Sheikh should inquire into Hudabia." Wasim Badami asked what is Hudabia and who is (former Supreme Court Judge) Azmat Saeed Sheikh? But Veena Malik asked when he did this tweet.

The host said, "Tell me, otherwise people will say that Veena Malik outsourced her Twitter account, offer her services." Veena Malik said that this is not the case. After reading the tweets from Wasim Badami, Veena Malik said, "There was a news about Azmat Saeed Sheikh. There was a lot of noise about it, so I wrote it as it was."

The host asked if there was any news, to which he replied, "The title you mentioned was the news, I just added screams." Later, when asked about Pervez Hood's tweet on Twitter, Veena Malik interrupted the host and asked, "Is this show about my Twitter?" In the second segment of the show, when asked by the host, Indian anchor Arnab Goswami called him a drama king and said that he lies so much and he is not ashamed of his lies.

Replying to a question about Pakistani Tuck Tuckers, Veena Malik said that Pakistani Tuck Tuckers are very innocent. In response to a question, Veena Malik said that I am very tired of Twitter, I tweet less today. When the host asked Veena Malik about well-known screenwriter Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and social activist Marvi Sarmad, Veena Malik replied that Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is a great contemporary philosopher.

Veena Malik said that he is not only a writer but also a great philosopher and I think he will be remembered for a long time. About Marvi Sarmad, Veena Malik said, "I don't even want to name her. She shouldn't have used women's rights like that." "I will soon be launching an NGO on women's and children's rights," she said.

Asked about the statement of dress code in showbiz, Veena Malik said that just as there are dress codes for doctors, there should be dress codes for children in schools as well as in the industry. To which Wasim Badami asked who would enforce this dress code on which Veena Malik had said that the government would enforce.

In another segment, when asked about cricketer Mohammad Aamir, he called him an excellent performer, while anchor Amir said about Liaquat that he is a great entertainer. "Very few personalities have as much information as they have in the entertainment industry, I think they should work in films," he said.

Veena Malik revealed that Aamir Liaquat had promised to do a film with him but he did not know why he did not do it, maybe he did it because he was busy.


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