The unique 'All in Challenge' campaign to fund Corona victims

The unique 'All in Challenge' campaign to fund Corona victims

Posted on Apr 17, 2020

Although dealing with the rapidly spreading coronavirus worldwide, business and political figures including showbiz, sports, and fashion figures have also announced millions of funds.

However, on April 15, a unique fundraising campaign for the Corona virus-affected 'All In Challenge' was launched in which actors, sports personalities, TVs, fashion and modeling, and other affiliates joined their fans. Offering to fundraise.

So far dozens of celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Alan D. Jenners, and Alex Rodrigues have joined the fundraising campaign launched by a US businessman, AFP reported ۔

Over the past 24 hours, not only Hollywood actors, musicians, artists, TV artists but sports figures have also been directing their fans to raise more funds under this unique fundraising project.

According to Reuters news agency, well-known celebrities are offering various services in exchange for fundraising to their fans through the aforementioned 'All In Challenge' fundraising campaign.

During the aforementioned campaign some actors have offered fans who will be collecting the most donations, they will be given the opportunity to spend time with the actor, as well as having dinner with some of the fans and someone having lunch. Offer to eat with food.

Some individuals even offered to spend time together shooting a movie or attending an event together or attending a music festival together.

Actress and TV host Alan De. Jenner offered fans that he would do a TV show with the most funded fans.

Likewise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Alex Rodriguez offered fans a chance to attend the film's premiere with the most funded fans, including spending a day on the set of their next movie release next year.

The campaign had raised more than half a million dollars by the evening of April 16, and anyone from around the world can deposit at least $ 10 online.


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