The Spanish novelist who blends philosophy into the story

The Spanish novelist who blends philosophy into the story

The Spanish novelist who blends philosophy into the story!
The famous Spanish physician, philosopher and mathematician are known to the world as Ibn Tufail.

According to the customs of this time, after completing his education he started practising medicine in the mountains. Then he was employed by the governor of the province. Sometime later, a ruler, Abu Yaqoob, had the opportunity to become attached to the court of Yusuf. Later, the Ministry and the Ministry of Justice were handed over.
Ibn-e-Tufail's book (novel) is also known as Israr-ul-Hikmat-ul-Shraqiya. It was the first book of its kind on philosophical issues, written in a narrative manner. It has been translated into most of the world's languages. This is how they started the story after the book's trial.
A princess throws her son into the sea with no father, and it flows to a deserted island.
The boy takes a deer and nurtures it. When it comes to consciousness, it finds itself alone and unarmed. He hides his body from the leaves and makes a stick from a tree branch. That way he first knows the power of his hand.
When a deer gets old and becomes very ill, he thinks what is the disease? What is the reason When a deer dies, he sees a litter burying another dead litter in the ground and Burys it in the same way?
In the same way, he learns intellectually and learns to burn a house with rubbing. Gradually study plants and minerals and become addicted to meditation.
This narrative philosophy is well-known worldwide and is a beautiful literal picture of the journey from humanity to knowledge.
Ibn Tufail is considered not only in Arabia but also the first creator of the world, who presented philosophical ideas in narrative form. Ibn Tufail died in 1185.
He appreciated knowledgeable and talented people. He says that he also raised Ibn-e-Rashid with him in the court, and after his death, Ibn-e-Rashid rose to the position of the royal physician.


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