The Singer of Apne Ullo Kitne Tedhe Wassu's Condition is Not Well

The Singer of Apne Ullo Kitne Tedhe Wassu's Condition is Not Well

Wassu, a Baloch folk artist who rose to fame almost a decade ago with the famous singer and social leader Shehzad Roy's song 'Apne Olo Katne Tere, Ab Tak Hoye Na Sidhe', is now a topic of discussion on social media. There are reports that due to longevity, poverty and lack of regular employment, Wassu Khan has fallen ill and is confined to his home and has no care.

After the news of Wassu Khan's illness went viral on social media, many people also appealed to Shehzad Roy for help from the folk artist. Discussions on social media about the health of Wassu Khan, who hails from the backward Jaffarabad area of ​​Balochistan, began when a Balochistan government spokesman tweeted about helping the artist.

Balochistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani in his tweet on August 5 visited Wassu Khan's house and shared a photo taken with him, saying that folk artists were living a life of illness and swearing and that the Balochistan chief minister had cured his illness. Taking notice, he has announced to treat them.

Liaquat Shahwani also shared an old photo of Wassu and Shehzad Roy in his tweet and said that he has given a message to Wassu Khan that he is the Chief Minister of Balochistan and he will be treated soon. The Balochistan government spokesman also shared a short video with Wassu Khan on August 6, in which folk singers were seen talking to him in a pleasant mood.

Wassu Khan will be given a check for treatment on August 7, Liaquat Shahwani said. After the pictures of Liaquat Shahwani with Wassu Khan went viral, many people taunted Shehzad Roy and accused him of forgetting Wassu Khan. However, another video of Wassu Khan soon surfaced, in which he confirmed that he was still receiving help from Shehzad Roy.

Rubina Ibrahim Zehri tweeted a short video of Wassu Khan, in which he was seen confessing to getting help from Shehzad Roy, including telling about his illness.

Wassu Khan said that since he did the program Wassu and Me on Geo TV with Shehzad Roy, he has gained fame and he is grateful to Shehzad Roy for still helping him.

Wassu Khan said that he was suffering from diabetes and Shehzad Roy had also treated him at a private hospital in Aga Khan and he was still helping him. Wassu Khan also confirmed the arrival of the Balochistan spokesman and said that the Balochistan government had announced its support.

Wassu Khan demanded from the government that his house be built, including his treatment, and that one of his sons be given a government job so that his financial problems could be resolved. It may be recalled that Wassu Khan had initially sung with Shahzad Roy at the end of 2011, "Your owls are so crooked, they have never been stRoyght yet".

After that, the two did a social show called 'Wassu and Me' on Geo TV in 2012, in which they were seen talking about the situation in the country.

Wasu Khan's songs and shows with Shahzad Roy were very popular and he became famous all over the country.


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